Heading into the 2013 NFL season, there seems to be a pretty good consensus on which the top five quarterbacks are. Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Cam Newton and Aaron Rodgers seem to be a cut above the rest, but the question is, how do these five rank? With just about two weeks left before the start of the regular season, here’s quick look.

Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers is in the prime of his career, and his numbers the last few seasons make him the safest pick in fantasy football heading into the 2013 season. Year after year, Rodgers has been able to put up solid numbers even when key players go down with an injury. Losing Greg Jennings might hurt a little, but he did just fine in 2012 when he was injured.

Drew Brees

The New Orleans Saints are poised for a turnaround season now that the bounty scandal is officially behind them. Brees had been solid for some time now, but Sean Payton has stated numerous times that he would like to have a more solid running game to balance out the offense. Really, Rodgers and Brees are pretty interchangeable as the top two, but the Packers are the slightly better team.

Tom Brady

The team might look like a mess on paper, but Tom Brady always seems to get it done. He has worked hard this offseason with his new core of receivers, and when Rob Gronkowski comes back in the middle of the season, his numbers should go up. His best days might be behind him, but he is still about as reliable as they come.

Cam Newton

Unlike the other four in this group, Newton is a true dual-threat guy who is capable of putting up big numbers with his arm and his legs. He has been a top five fantasy quarterback the last two seasons, and there is no reason why he won’t finish there again this season.

Peyton Manning

Sure, Manning had a superb season last year, but injury issues still make him the riskiest pick of these five. One wrong hit to his neck could end his career, but if he can stay on the field, he could be even better than in 2012. His arm strength has improved, and he should be able to find guys downfield with more accuracy.