Travis Lewis can levitate. Ray Lewis can not. Need I say more?

Last year Ndamukong Suh was an unstoppable monster in the Big 12 Championship, and in 2010 it was Lewis who tallied 6 tackles, two fumble recoveries, one pass deflection and an interception in the big game.

Oklahoma Sooner LB Travis Lewis is one of the best player that could enter the 2011 NFL Draft, and I don't understand why nobody else likes him as much as I do. Lewis jumped in as a freshman in 2008 and tallied 135 tackles, 3 sacks, a forced fumble and four interceptions as a starter. 2009 returned Lewis as a sophomore and he didn't drop off too much by tallying 99 tackles, a sack, a forced fumble and an interception. And going into the Fiesta Bowl in 2010 Lewis will have tallied 98 tackles, two sacks, and three interceptions. Impressive stats to say the least.

When you look at his size, skill set and technique Lewis may be almost as good as his stats are. He is 6'2, 232 pounds and he has good strength and speed. He is a great tackling machine and he always seems to be around the ball. He also has a great work ethic and he is a great locker room character.

In terms of the draft he will hopefully be loved by most of the scouts watching him. His size and athleticism is a perfect pair for his skill set and his game experience. He is versatile enough to play either the weakside or the strongside of the 4-3 linebacker position which is fairly rare, and he could even play inside the 3-4. He will never be the best coverage linebacker nor will he be the best pass rusher, but he has the potential to become a consistent top-5 linebacker for years to come.

I don't believe that Lewis will be taken in the top-10 of the 2011 draft because he would be coming out in a year that has a fairly strong QB, DE, CB class. But as you will see in my recent Big Board update I believe he could become one of the best players taken in the draft.