1: New England Patriots (East Champs) 
2: Baltimore Ravens (North Champs)
3: Houston Texans (South Champs)
4: San Diego Chargers (West Champs)

Wild Card (5): Pittsburgh Steelers
Wild Card (6): New York Jets

Wild Card Weekend

New York Jets @ Houston Texans

While I expect the Texans to make strides this year I just don't know that they are ready for the playoffs. The teams from the AFC North and East are just too good.


Pittsburgh Steelers @ San Diego Chargers

The Chargers might be able to pull the upset because of the home game time zone, but in terms of talent I just don't think this game would be that close. I would expect a close score but because of a few dumb Pittsburgh turnovers.


Division Round 

 New York Jets @ New England Patriots

Let's be honest, we knew it would end up this way. The Patriots are the more talented team, but the Jets have been able to keep up with them. Part of my gut has the Jets as the team to finally make it to the Super Bowl, but the other part of me thinks that the Pats would smoke this game. 


Steelers @ Ravens

We might as well call this the Flacco-has-to-win-this-game-bowl. The Steelers continue to rule the Ravens, but I think that the Ravens secondary will be good enough to prevent the massive comeback like last season. I'll take the Ravens on a two minute drill to win it.



 Ravens @ Patriots

Ok, so this isn't the most creative game in the world, but it would be one fun game to watch. The Patriots pack the best offense in football while the Ravens just might have the nastiest defense. The Patriots defense has youth and potential too while the Ravens offense has some nasty firepower to play with. I'm going with the rough and wild Ravens to just barely get by though.



1: Green Bay Packers (North Champs) 
2: Philadelphia Eagles (East Champs)
3: New Orleans Saints (South Champs)
4: Saint Louis Rams (West Champs)

Wild Card (5): Dallas Cowboys
Wild Card (6): Chicago Bears

Wild Card Weekend

Chicago Bears @ New Orleans Saints

Yet another great playoff game for the 2011 season. The Bears bring one of the best defenses in football down to a rough environment and an even filthier offense. At the end of the day I think the Bears do just enough to sneak through the game with a big win.


Dallas Cowboys @ Saint Louis Rams

Anyone that knows me or this site will know that I love game history. Well the Cowboys haven't been able to do much in the playoffs as of late while the NFC West continues to win their first playoff game against much better teams. Well that all changes this year as both trends of recent history get broken.


Division Round 

Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers

Yet another game that we knew was going to happen. The Packers and Bears game will always be a close one, and I absolutely believe that it will come down to the last moments. The Packers are the better team, but the Bears will win the game.


Cowboys @ Eagles

You know how every year there are one or two historically good games to remember? Well this would potentially be the one. The Eagles offense when healthy and protecting (O-Line) is one of the best offenses in NFL history, and the defense the Eagles have put together is just as nasty. At the same time the Cowboys have a team that can fire on both sides of the ball too while finding ways to win. For this game I have to go with the "dream team" but I really think the Cowboys could pull out a shocker.



Bears @ Eagles

Part of me really wants to take the Bears to squeak out the win, but I think that Michael Vick would win this game fairly easily if he plays a smart game. The Bears look a lot like the Giants, and I think the Eagles have found a way to get past teams like that. 




What a game! The Eagles led by Michael Vick are a lethal combination of speed and power while having enough talent on just about every side of the ball to compete. The Eagle's offensive line will have a tough time standing up to the Raven's pass rush, and that just might be the deciding factor.