4) Minnesota Vikings

I think the Vikings are a much better team than they are given credit for, and I even think there is enough talent there to win 8 games if they can stay strong and healthy. Unfortunately their depth is way too fragile for my liking.

3) Detroit Lions
I'm not buying the 12-win hype that the team has. If Matt Stafford can stay healthy then eight games should be more than reachable, but that's no given. The run game is fragile and the offensive line is iffy at best. Sure the team will rack up some sacks too, but the back seven isn't good enough to truly compete yet.

2) Chicago Bears

I really don't know what to think of this Bears team. The team has great potential on all sides of the ball, and I think too many people forget that the team almost made it to the Super Bowl with their 3rd string quarterback.

1) Green Bay Packers

It is hard to go against the champs. They aren't the best team in the league (and maybe not even the top-5), but they just have so much potential to shine.


1) New Orleans Saints

I'm not sure if the Saints really are the best team in the division, but I really think they will end up that way. The team has too much talent to not win games, and I think the Falcons will take a slight step back this year.

2) Atlanta Falcons

I am a huge fan of the team finding a great WR2 for the team, but they team could have found one in the 2nd or 3rd round that would have been just fine. They have some potential, but I just don't see this team winning as much as last year.

3)  Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I think the Buccaneers will be the winner of the 2012 division, but I just don't think the team is ready yet. Mike Williams and LeGarrette Blount had breakout years, but there is no saying that they will be the same this year. I also think the defensive backfield could be the worst in football.

4) Carolina Panthers

I do wish that the team would sit Cam Newton going into the season, but regardless of that I think the team will be ok. They have a ton of talent on both sides of the field, and I think that they could be one of the top 15 teams in football had they not been in a tough division.


4) Washington Redskins

No quarterback and unproven players all over both sides of the ball. I still don't know why the best 4-3 defense in football changed to the worst(ish) 3-4 defense in the league a few years ago.

3) New York Giants

The Giants should win eight or nine wins, but I just think the top two teams are too good for the Giants who will struggle yet again in the back seven. Look for a better run game though which could repower the offense.

2) Dallas Cowboys

The offense should be so much this year, and the defense has the potential to be lethal too, so don't be surprised if they end as the division winners, but it is hard to go against the dream team.

1) Philadelphia Eagles

If the Eagles can protect Michael Vick, and if Michael Vick can protect the ball then this is potentially the best team in football. 


4) Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks have nothing good on offense (one Marshawn Lynch run does not make him good), and the nothing much better on defense. 

3) Arizona Cardinals

Sure the Cardinals have the sexiest unproven quarterback in football, but that's exactly what Kevin Kolb is. Kolb has had some great moments, but he also had some very poor moments too on a better team. Either way the defense will hold the team back.

2)  San Francisco 49ers 

I could see the 49ers winning the division if they can stay healthy, but I just don't like the idea of Alex Smith playing football on the team anymore.

1) St. Louis Rams

The Rams should have won the division last year but fell short. With better talent on both sides of the field I expect them to run the table on a terrible division.