12) VCU v 3) Baylor

Looking back to my earlier picks I will be the first person to say that VCU is a risk in every single game they play, but they play a gameplan that could put them in the spot to get here. But even if Kentucky is in this spot I think that they will lose to Baylor (or even Duke). Kentucky walked through a pretty easy SEC schedule and had a lot of close games. Sometimes I would rather take a team like Duke or Baylor that have gone through a lot of battles and learned from their losses. I like Baylor in this game because of their tenacity and their potential to beat anyone.


1) Michigan State v 2) Missouri

Michigan State is a smart, talented team that just does everything right, and that is what you like in a team. But Missouri is a freakishly athletic squad that just seems to have an it factor. Part of me thinks that Missouri will snare up a problem along the way, but I think they can get to the Final 4.



3) Florida State v 5) Vanderbilt

I went all in with Florida State last year because they have the tools and build to go very deep in the tournament. They lost by a single point to eventual final 4 team VCU. I again have to take the Seminoles who look in a lot of ways like the same type of squad that could go farther than expected in a weaker bracket. 

Florida State

1) UNC v 14 Belmont

I have been scared of my Belmont pick since I made it a little while ago, and I just have to end it now. UNC fell into the easiest of the bracket situations because there are many great teams while also having a lot of different bracket busting Cinderellas. UNC wins the game.



3) Baylor v 2) Missouri

Missouri is a team that I think might lose as early as the first round, but they have earned their way this season into championship talks. If they pull a game against Baylor then analysts will be the first to mention that Mizzou won all three matchups this season. But I think that could possibly change in a Final Four game because of experience and potential. If Baylor gets through the toughest region then they will be good enough to get through Missouri.


3) Florida State v 1) UNC

Florida State's defense against one of the most dynamic and complete teams in the country. FSU won both match ups against UNC this season and I think the wrist injury of John Henson could mean a lot more than expected. This FSU team is legit and can make it to the title game.

Florida State


3) Baylor v 3) Florida State

A match up of number three seeds in the championship? It definitely sounds a little bit unrealistic, but Florida State and Baylor are much better than their seeds say. Baylor when hot is one of the best teams in the country, while Florida State is a team that just has an it factor in my head. I like Florida State in this game to take another championship home to the underrated ACC, but I think the game could be an instant classic.