1) Syracuse v 16) UNC Ashville


8) Kansas State v 9) Southern Miss

Southern Miss is a team that plays to the level of its competition which could make it a lethal force in the tournament, but unfortunately they drew a Kansas State team that can beat anybody. I like KSU here.

Kansas State

5) Vanderbilt v 12) Harvard

Vanderbilt AKA the team that can't beat 12's and 13's pulls another team with the potential to sneak out a win. I like Vanderbilt in this game (and the tourney) though.


4) Wisconsin v 13) Montana

Wisconsin just plays a game that feels too outdated to ever make a run in the tournament. They don't have an offense that is good enough to match their amazing defense, and that is why I think a hot Montana team could squeeze out the win here. 


6) Cincinnati v 11) Texas

I have no idea what to think of this Cincy team. They can beat the best in the country, but they also will lose stupid games against lessor talents. I like them in this game, but it's a questionable pick.


3) Florida State v 14) St. Bonaventure

I absolutely don't know why St. B is getting as much love in this game, but when you are as 2-faced as the Bonnies then you can scare some teams. I really like FSU this year because they have enough of an offense to match their lethal defense. 

Florida State

7) Gonzaga v 10) West Virginia

I don't quite know what to think of these two teams. Gonzaga can hang with anyone on a given night, but they don't have much of a spark, and West Virginia has some star power surrounding zero depth. The coin flip likes West Virginia

West Virginia

2) Ohio State v 15) Loyola

Ohio State


1) Syracuse v 8) Kansas State

I understand why a lot of people will have Syracuse in the championship game, but watch out for them against this bracket. The team does everything right, but I absolutely would be scared of the Wildcats in this game because of their ability to beat anyone. I smell a Syracuse upset at some point, so why not mark it down now.


5) Vanderbilit v 13 Montana

Wouldn't it just make sense for Vandy to finally get out of the first round to find themselves on the losing side of a 13 team again in round 2? I think Vandy wins this game fairly easily, but never be shocked up the upset.


6) Cincinnati v 3) Florida State

I really like Florida State in this tournament, but I really am scared of the Bearcats who can beat (or lose to) anyone. I've gotta take the Sems, but with some hesitance.

Florida State

2) Ohio State v 10) West Virginia

Ohio State might be the quietest top-8 team ever. They have star power and the ability to take on everyone, and I expect them to get to the sweet 16 easily. 
Ohio State


8) Kansas State v 5) Vanderbilt

I am always scared to pick an 8-seed team to beat a 1st overall seed, let alone advancing to the elite-8. Eventually though their luck will run out and it could happen against a talented Vanderbilt team.


3) Florida State v 2) Ohio State

What an amazing match up here. Ohio State has enough talent to win it all, and their star power is awesome, but foul problems will end their run early, and that is exactly what Florida State's defense could do. I like (don't love) the Seminoles here.

Florida State



1) UNC v 16) UVM


8) Creighton v 9) Alabama

This is another tricky game. On paper you have to like Creighton to pull the win off against an iffy Alabama squad, but don't bet the farm on the game


5) Temple v 12) California

I really hate that the NCAA has the play in game for the 12 seeds because it waters down the brackets just a bit too much. If USF beats Cal then I really like Temple in the game, but I actually like California to make a small run in this tournament.


4) Michigan v 13) Ohio

Michigan is a 3-point shooting team that struggles to pick up missed shots. Unfortunately they will be taking on an Ohio team that are elite at stopping the 3-ball while also creating a lot of turnovers. Look for an upset here.


6) SD State v 11) NC State

This SD State team is one that just has a strange formula. They don't have a big man, and yet they aren't a 3-point shooting team. I just think this could end up as an easy win by NC State.

NC State 

3) Georgetown v 14) Belmont

Yet another game that really just wasn't put together right. Georgetown is a VERY talented team that has a great defense, but they are taking on a Belmont team that are terrific on offense. I have to take the Cinderella Belmont squad.


7) St. Mary's v 10) Purdue

This St Mary's team is a very talented one, but so is Purdue. Both teams can't defend the ball well, so while I like Purdue in this game, don't be shocked to see a great game.


2) Kansas v 15) Detroit



1) UNC v 8) Creighton

You have to really like what Creighton does in terms of efficiency, but I just don't think the team will have the power to keep up with a UNC that can make a huge run.


12) California v 13) Ohio

I really liked Ohio in the match up against Michigan, but I just don't think they will make it out of the 2nd round no matter which of the three teams makes it here.


11) NC State v 14) Belmont

If this Belmont team can make it through to the 2nd round then watch for their offense to explode against a team like NC State.


2) Kansas v 10) Purdue

This is an iffy match up for Kansas who could lose this game against an experienced Purdue team, but I just don't think that they will falter in this game.



1) UNC v 12) California

I hate to put a lock on teams, but I just don't think that UNC will realistically have a chance to lose until the elite 8 match ups.


14) Belmont v 2) Kansas

Could they do it? You had better believe that the electrifying Bruins will have a chance to get to the elite-8. They have the talent to beat Georgetown, the talent to beat NC State (or SD State) and the talent to upset Kansas here. Kansas is overrated just as much as Belmont is underrated.