1) Kentucky v 16) MSVST

I will be the first person to say that a one or two seed can lose, but I won't predict it


8) Iowa State v 9) UConn

I think too many people will think that the UConn name will make them a shoe in win here, but Iowa State is a 3 point shooting team that does a little bit of everything. UConn might have a little more talent, but they just seem a little bit too young to go far in the tourney.

Iowa State

5) Wichita State v 12) VCU

VCU is a team that can cause some major havoc in this conference because they have a controlling and aggressive defense combined with a laser 3-point shot. Wichita State on the other hand is beautifully balanced and are very experienced which is an asset going into the tourney. I'm hesitantly taking VCU because they know how to win these kinds of games.


4) Indiana v 13) New Mexico State

Indiana had a fantastic comeback season after quite a few tough years, but I think NM State senior Wendell McKines will get his 21st double-double of the season in a shocking upset.

New Mexico State

6) UNLV v 11) Colorado

I think too many people are going to take Colorado because they won the Pac-12 Tournament, but the Pac-12 should be ashamed of itself this year after putting up so little talent. I know that saying this will make Colorado an elite-8 team, but I expect a UNLV blowout.


3) Baylor v 14) S Dakota State

Each year there are a few teams in the 12-15 area of the rankings that look like they could be a Cinderella, and South Dakota State has a chance if they can get through Baylor. I REALLY like Baylor in this tournament, and I have to take them in this game.


7) Notre Dame v 10) Xavier

This is a tough one to predict. Xavier is a team that keeps it close with about every team it faces, while Notre Dame is a smart team that can fire off 3-pointers. I'm taking Xavier in the game, but it really is a coinflip.


2) Duke v 15) Lehigh



1) Kentucky v 8) Iowa State

I like Iowa State because they have competed (and beaten) some of the best this year, but I just don't think they will have the talent to upset Kentucky. It could be closer than expected though.


12) VCU v 13) New Mexico State

If VCU can pull the upset over Wichita State then don't be surprised if they make a run. They should be able to take care of New Mexico State (and I think they would fare well against Indiana too).


6) UNLV v 3) Baylor

I mentioned earlier that I really like Baylor this year. They have so much talent that they realistically can only beat themselves on the way to the Sweet 16.


2) Duke v 10) Xavier

I have heard a lot of love for Xavier because of their senior power, but Duke is just too good of a team to mess with. Duke has championship potential.


Sweet 16

1) Kentucky v 12) VCU

I'm not sold that VCU will beat Wichita State in the first round, but I think that they really do have elite-8 potential when you look at the course of work and at their powerful potential. Kentucky is a phenomenal team, but at 32-2 the team really had too many close scoring games for my taste. I'm going with VCU's potential as my cinderella.


3) Baylor v 2) Duke

I'm not sure what it is, but I honestly think that the winner of this game could win the championship. Baylor is arguably the most exciting team in the country while Duke is... Duke. I am taking Baylor because if they play smart they will be potentially cutting down the nets.




1) Michigan State v 16) LIU

Michigan State

8) Memphis v 9) Saint Louis

Memphis is more talented than some of the 4th and 5th seeds, and I expect them to prove it against Saint Louis.


5) New Mexico v 12) Long Beach State

I like a lot of the things that Steve Alford does as a coach, but he just tends to under achieve in the postseason too often. The same goes this year as he takes on a sneaky Long Beach State team that barely lost against some very good teams. LBS also is very good at drawing fouls which tends to be a hidden secret in the tournament.

Long Beach State

4) Louisville v 13) Davidson

I have heard a lot of people think that Davidson's offense will be able to pull the upset on a Louisville team that just doesn't put it together in the NCAA tournament. I don't quite think that Davidson's power will be able to take out the Cardinals though.


6) Murray State v 11) Colorado State

 Murray State won 30 games this year and only have one loss on their resume which is very impressive. While Colorado State has some talent, I just don't see them pulling off the upset.

Murray State

3) Marquette v 14) BYU

95% of the experts are mad that BYU even made the tournament, which is partially why I think they beat Iona in the opening game. When they have to take on Marquette though it might get dicey.


7) Florida v 10) Virginia

This is an interesting game because both teams have assets that could take them far in the tourney, but I absolutely love the Gators in this matchup as long as they don't kill themselves.


2) Missouri v 15) Norfolk State



1) Michigan State v 8) Memphis

My gut 100% tells me to take Memphis in this game because they have the competitive talent to do great things in the tournament. I however have to go with a Michigan State team that just does the right things to win a lot of games.

Michigan State

12) Long Beach State v 4) Louisville

 As I mentioned earlier, Long Beach State is a team that keeps things very close, and that is something that I love in the match up against Louisville. Look for the upset here.

Long Beach State

6) Murray State v 3) Marquette

I don't think Murray State is really as good as their record states, but I do think that they have the overall talent to get through to the sweet 16 fairly easily. Marquette is a team that is ranked in the national top ten, but they just don't have that edge.

Murray State

7) Florida v 2) Missouri

I don't know what it is, but I just don't get the love for Missouri. They are electric on offense, but I just can't help but wonder if they are actually ready to make a deep run in the tournament. I've got to give them the win over Florida, but I have zero faith.


1) Michigan State v 12) Long Beach State

I really love Long Beach State in their first two games, but I just don't think that they will have what it takes to pull the upset over a nasty Michigan State squad.

Michigan State

6) Murray State v 2) Missouri

I'm ok with Murray State in the first two rounds, but I'm not sold that they will know what to do when they take on the insane pace of Missouri.