Every year the experts make their picks, come off looking like an idiot for half of them and then have no good excuse. I am not an NCAA basketball expert, but I am someone that likes to reflect on my predictions. I am going to give you a quick "I told you so" or a quick "I am an idiot because" for each game.

EAST - I am glad that the East is the first region to talk about since I went a perfect 12-0 in it.

Ohio State over UTSA

In my analysis I said "never pick a 16,15,14." Well that remained true this year.

George Mason over Nova

Was a good close game, but for the most part the 8 v 9 match up is usually a guess.

West Virginia over Clemson

Clemson did ok to start but blew it all to be tied at the half.

Kentucky over Princeton

I predicted that Princeton could be a tough match up, and they were. One thing to take from it all is that a team can have the best group of freshman in the country and still lose to a group of average-but-experienced talent

Marquette over Xavier

My prediction comment was "Gut feeling and I like their round two odds." This is a good strategy to use sometimes, but as you will read on I do it too much for my own good. A 11 seeded team from the Big East was a good reason though.

Syracuse over Indiana State

(never pick a 16,15,14)

Washington over Georgia

I got the pick right, but I shouldn't have doubted a team like Georgia. A small lesson here is to never doubt a power conference team ever.

UNC over Long Island

Another lesson is to look for the VERY high scoring teams in the tournament. Long Island could have beaten many teams.

Ohio State over George Mason

No major lessons here.

Kentucky over West Virginia

This is another game that Kentucky could have lost. I guess a lesson to learn is to never doubt (100%) a team that has been a 1,2 or 3 seed in recent past.

Marquette over Syracuse

My reason in the preview was "Marquette down! Marquette won in their only conference game against Syracuse." I could have also said that Syracuse often loses games they should win, but I think that the Big East is REALLY screwing themselves by having so many teams. The Big East can't have it's lower powers beating their best teams.

UNC over Washington

I again should never have doubted a power conference. UNC is lucky to have won the game.

Kentucky over Ohio State (I don't have Ohio State in the final 4 so why not take a chance on a high talent team)
UNC over Marquette ( Marquette isn't THAT good)

UNC over Kentucky (I love this game, but think that UNC has the talent to take Kentucky in a close matchup)


Duke over Hampton

Don't go against 1,2,3's

Tennessee over Michigan

Wow. I messed this pick up bad. I guess never doubt a power conference team.

Memphis over Arizona

I took Memphis because of good coaching. In reality the game came down to a buzzer beater and Arizona got away with a last second foul that should have meant overtime.

Oakland over Texas

I actually liked Oakland in this game, and they could have beaten about any 5 seed in the tourney.

Cincinnati over Missouri (I just don't love the Mizzou hype)

I think that we can learn to not always listen to the experts pick Cinderellas. They did it with Oakland and with Missouri badly. Nobody told you about Butler or VCU, and I am pretty sure that I am the highest person in the world on Marquette and FSU.

UConn over Bucknell


Penn State over Temple

To my defense Penn State lost in a buzzer beater, but I personally need to stop doubting Temple in sports. They will hit you hard.

SD State over Northern Colorado

San Diego really is a 3 or 4 seed in talent. No lesson to be learned, but more an observation.

Duke over Tennessee (Michigan)

I hated the matchup for Duke against Tennessee, but had no idea that Michigan would run on Duke this well. The Big 10 is the best tournament conference this year.

Memphis over Oakland (12 seeds are 7-1 against 13 seeds... because that matters)

I hated having both teams wrong, but had I re-done it I likely would have taken Texas.

UConn over Cinci

Uconn is lucky that they didn't lose this game. They pulled away at the end, but they aren't elite.

SD State over Penn State (Temple)

Yet another close game. Temple is the real deal, but SD State pulled through.

Duke over Memphis (Another tough Duke matchup, even if it is Texas or Oakland)
SD State over UConn (I don't love this pick, but will live with

Duke over SD State (Another tough Duke matchup whether it is Uconn or SD State)


Kansas over Boston

1.2.3, although Boston kept up for most of the game.

UNLV over Illinois

UNLV screwed me again.

Richmond over Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt loses in the 1st round again. They are postseason trash.

Morehead St. over Louisville

I picked Richmond and Morehead because I didn't see Louisville or Vandy going past Kansas. This worked out. A rule to think about is to look at an NBA mock draft. If a team has a 1st round pick like Morehead did then they could be a sleeper.

Georgetown over VCU

This hurt. Nobody expected VCU to win this game, and one of my elite-8 teams was crushed.

Purdue over St. Peters



I am so glad that I took FSU. They are purely a defensive team, but they got their star player back just in time.

Notre Dame over Akron


Kansas over UNLV (Illinois)

Illinois deserves a lot of credit. They helped make the Big Ten look great.

Richmond over Morehead State (remember that useless 12 over 13 stat?)

Nailed it. Teams that have won as a 'bad team' in the past can do it again and again.

Georgetown over Purdue (VCU against Purdue)

I completely nailed Purdue losing here which helped my future bracket. This was essentially a win.

Notre Dame over FSU

I should have gone gut feeling. I said in the 1st round that FSU could be a final 4 team and in the 2nd round discussion I said "Don't love it. ND has the looks, while FSU could easily win." Learn to go with gut, if you think there is a legit reason.

Kansas over Richmond (The Spiders are good, but Rock Chalk Jayhawk this round)
Georgetown over Notre Dame (No good reason. Wish there was one but GT could go out in any round)

Kansas over Georgetown (Let's not get carried away with Georgetown love on this site)


Pitts over whoever


Old Dominion over Butler

If a team upsets all over the place like Butler did in 2009, then why wouldn't I take Butler here? It was a buzzer beater, but Butler is the better team.

Kansas State over Utah State

Kansas State got lucky here. The Big 12 is awful in the tournament.

Belmont over Wisconsin

I hated this matchup for Belmont who I had in the elite 8. Belmont was a great team but was going against a very good team. This is again another time where listening to super-major media is dumb.

St Johns over Gonzaga

I still think that Gonzaga would win more games if someone had Adam Morrison hair.

BYU over Wofford

1.2.3, although BYU needed some major adjustments.

Mich State over UCLA

This was a stupid matchup. The NCAA committee should not have pitted UCLA and Michigan State in the first round.

Florida over UCSB


Pitts over Old Dominion (Butler beat Pitts)

Wow. Butler is doing it again. Wisconsin will be tough, but they could be in the championship again if they do what they have been doing.

Belmont over Kansas St  (Wisc. beat K-state)

I would have picked Wisconsin over K-State, but made the dumb Belmont move.

BYU over St Johns (Gonzaga)

BYU looked very good in the game. I think that Florida is a bad matchup for them, but who knows.

Michigan State over Florida (Florida beat UCLA)

UCLA kept up with Florida. Florida isn't a great team but they are talented, and in a very bad bracket.

Belmont over Pittsburgh (I threw darts at a dartboard and hit Belmont as my Cinderella)
BYU over Michigan State (I don't love it but BYU is either a 1st round and done or a final 4 team.)

BYU over Belmont (too much of a religious battle for Belmont to handle)