Everyone was impressed with the Freshman Heisman campaign of Johnny Manziel, and it will be interesting to see what he will do as a mere sophomore. But with the recent news that Manziel recently left the Manning Passing Camp for 'illness' you have to wonder if he is being treated unfairly for some of his off the field issues. 

No, I'm not defending Manziel as a young player with too much spotlight around him. I actually believe that he is being treated too nicely for what he has done off the field in the last 24-months. I wonder why he is considered the golden boy of football when any other player would be condemned for their actions. How he would be perceived if he were African American?

It is easy to say that the situation would be the same, but it absolutely would not be. Had Cam Newton gotten kicked out of the Manning Camp because of a hangover (or even for an 'illness' ) then it would be speculated that he could never be trusted. If RG3 had been arrested for disorderly conduct for a fight, giving false information to a cop, and carrying a fake ID after a night of underage parting, they he would have been condemned as a thug. And if Teddy Bridgewater had tweeted that he couldn't wait to leave Louisville, then 90% of ESPN would be throwing him under the bus while compliance officers would be suspending him for declaring too early. And don't get me started on what would happen if any of these guys were seen hanging behind the scenes with LeBron at a game.

It also seems like the fact that he is so young is being used as a valid excuse, when it shouldn't be. Imagine what would happen if Andrew Luck had done any of these things between his Junior and Senior seasons. He would be considered and alcoholic and a criminal. But because Manziel has done everything so early into his college years he has been given a pass from reality with the excuse that he is still young. The 'boys will be boys' excuse worked in Dennis the Menace, but it shouldn't work in real life.

The fact of the matter is that Manziel has had an arrest to his name that included lying to the police, having a fake ID, and getting into a fight. Add multiple pictures of him engaging in underage drinking, getting kicked out of a major QB camp, tweeting against his school, and hanging with stars and you have a perfect combination of unfairness. Any other player would be condemned for these acts, but Scooby-Dooby-Football keeps on going.