1) Jeff Allen, OT, Illinois

Allen is one of those guys that a lot of people think could go early in the second round because of some LT potential, but very few have him in the first round. Last year the Seattle Seahawks drafted James Carpenter over one of the guys that was supposed to go in the first round, and don't be surprised to see a team grab him over Mike Adams or Jonathon Martin.

2) Vinny Curry, DE (3-4 LB), Marshall

Vinny Curry is a guy that doesn't have the sex appeal of some of the other guys, but he is a freak with a high motor, the ability to play in most schemes, and about 37 years of experience from college.

3) Doug Martin, RB, Boise State

Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Denver, New England (x2), Green Bay, and the New York Giants are teams that have picks between 21-32 that have a realistic need in some way at running back. In fact none of the teams (excluding Denver & 30-year Willis McGahee who lost Tebow) had a top-20 rusher in terms or yardage, or top-12 team in terms of YPG last year. It would take just one team to love Doug Martin (like the Patriots that have had three visits with him) to draft him in the first.

4) Alshon Jefferey, WR, South Carolina

If you checked out a 2012 mock draft from last April, then you likely would have seen Jefferey in the top-10 because of his potential. He is a dominate receiver with top-5 receiver potential. After a disappointing season and a poor off season we saw his stock fall, but he has lost some weight to increase his speed, and I think a team out there might love him.

5) Lavonte David, OLB, Nebraska

David is a guy like Jeff Allen that has a lot of mocks in the 33-40 range, but few in the first round. A team needing a linebacker could easily take him a tad early in the first.