The first round of the draft is complete, and we have answered a lot of questions. There were some obvious winners, losers, and snoozers from the day to talk about.


First off let me explain that I think a team is a winner when they get top notch value on a player, when they are able to come out of the draft with value, and when a major need gets filled.

1) Baltimore Ravens (selected Jimmy Smith with the 27th pick)

It was a little sad that the Ravens got skipped on their pick, but they reportedly were looking to trade back with the Bears (who I believe would have taken Carimi with this pick). The Ravens though get someone that I believe is the best corner in the draft (Patrick Peterson is great, but take away his supporting cast and his return abilities on Arizona and we don't know how good he will be). I completely believe that Smith would end up being a Nnamdi Asomugha impact on a bad team, so to have him go to the Ravens is abundantly scary.

2) Cleveland Browns (traded 6th pick to Falcons but traded up with Chiefs to select Phil Taylor with the 21st pick)

I love what the Browns did. The team didn't get AJ Green or Patrick Peterson, and could legitimately trade back. The Falcons swapped firsts, gave their 2nd and 4th round picks, and their 2012 1st and 4th round picks to move up. That is a total of five picks, and in relative terms this year a first, two seconds, a fourth and a fifth in value to move back 21 spots. The Browns got a ton of value here. The actual Phil Taylor pick wasn't overly great, but the team has a lot of tools to play with.

3) Indianapolis Colts (Selected Anthony Castonzo with the22nd pick)

The Colts had not drafted an offensive tackle in the first round since 1997, so it was hard for me to mock an OT here for the draft. Overall the team got arguably the 'safest' OT in the class, and a guy that should be able to start instantly. I love this pick.

4) New Orleans (Selected Cameron Jordan with the 24th pick, then traded to get Mark Ingram with the 28th)

I like these picks, but I don't honestly love them. Cameron Jordan shouldn't have fallen past San Diego, but getting him at 24th was amazing value. I don't love Jordan as a 4-3 end, but with the 24th pick it was top notch value. The Ingram pick was a fan pick, but for a team that doesn't value rushers well, I hope Ingram gets more than 10 carries a game (or a random game where he gets 2 carries and Ivory gets 30).  I also never like when a team trades their future first rounder, and their 2nd rounder for a guy unless it is a QB.

5) Green Bay (Selected Derek Sherrod with the 32nd pick)

I really love this move. Arguably three of the top-5 pass rushers in the league are in the North Division, and every team in the division needs OL help. Even if Sherrod doesn't start from day one (he will find a place to play), he will be a future threat at LT. The more important thing though is that the Bears (Carimi might change that), Vikings, and Lions all need LT help, so stealing a guy really decreases the value of OT's in the class for those teams.


1) Philadelphia Eagles (Selected Danny Watkins with the 23rd pick)

There were so many rumors that the Eagles wanted to trade up in the draft, so I wonder if they had wanted Pouncey. Watkins fills a huge need, but that is irrelevant. No guard should ever be taken in the top-25 because it is such a weak position, and Watkins was the 2nd guard. He is also 26 going on 27, has little football experience, and won't help the team win much. The Eagles should have taken Jimmy Smith or Gabe Carimi (or sherrod or...) but took a guard.

2) Minnesota Vikings (selected Christian Ponder with the 12th pick)

I almost feel bad for Viking fans after this pick. The Vikings clearly were going to take a QB no matter what with this pick, and they failed. Ponder would be a 6th round QB in a normal draft class, so to have him go 12th overall is pathetic. I really don't want to dig in much more into this pick because it truly is that bad. The Raiders wouldn't have even reached this badly on a player, and Brett Favre may have been a better option for the next two years.

3) Tennessee Titans (selected Jake Locker with the 8th pick)

I actually called in my final mock that Locker would be the 2nd QB taken (had him to Wash), but I didn't think that the Titans would take Locker because he is essentially a less dynamic version of Vince Young that isn't a winner. So instead of the guy who has a mental breakdown but wins on the field, the team took the guy that has pocket and accuracy issues while not winning games. Dumb.

4) Denver Broncos (selected Von Miller with the 2nd overall pick)

Why? Miller in the 3-4 is worth a 2nd overall pick as a pass rusher, but the team is moving back to the 4-3 which means he will be a SAM linebacker that won't be used as an elite rusher. This is like a team taking a 4-3 defensive end like Robert Ayers the same year that I'm moving to the 3-4... oh wait...

5) San Diego Chargers (Selected Corey Liuget with the 18th pick)

I am glad that the team found a DE/DT upgrade, but with Cameron Jordan who played in state in the 3-4, it made no sense for the team to take a 4-3 DT that might be able to transition to the 3-4. Just a reach when they didn't have to.


1) Arizona Cardinals (selected Patrick Peterson 5th overall)

Cornerback was arguably the 8th biggest need on the team, so even though they got the best prospect in the draft there doesn't mean it was a great pick. You can ask the Raiders how many games a top notch CB on a bad defense and bad offense wins. The team should have looked at a pass rusher, a QB, or even a reach on an OT a little harder before taking a luxury guy like Peterson. I can't hate the position because they got a good player at a good value, but the team had better find a way to get Kevin Kolb or else this pick is a major waste.

2) San Francisco 49ers (selected Aldon Smith 7th overall)

I personally was not a big fan of Smith who had one year of great production and one average year of production in college. His potential is there, but the team needs a QB and CB much more than a DE/LB

3) Miami Dolphins (selected Mike Pouncey with the 15th pick)

I like the idea of the team solidifying the OL even more by taking a guard, but maybe in the 4th round. If you saw Pouncey play center this past year you would know why many people think he is a guard only. Problem is that his arm strength and arm size isn't good enough to play guard or tackle. So where does he fit in? Also, I HATE when a team takes a guard with one of the first 25 picks, especially when this is arguably the best OG class in the last 20 years. Ingram, Solder, Carimi, any receiver, or about 20 other guys would improve this team more.

4) New York Jets (selected Muhammad Wilkerson with the 29th pick)

A lot of people thought Wilkerson was worth a top-15 pick. I think he went about where he deserved to go, and while it is good value, this was another pick that makes me wonder if the Jets are really better at the end of the day.

5) Pittsburgh Steelers (selected Cameron Heyward with the 31st pick)

The Steelers proved yet again that they are a team of habit that never take OT or CB in the first round. Big Ben and the secondary need a ton of help, but they ignored it again for a guy that offers a slight upgrade to the defense.