We are half way through the 2011 NFL season, and it feels like the right time to reflect on some of Draft Maven's good (and bad) predictions from the 2011 draft. It looks like we have nailed a couple of our predictions, while completely whiffing on some others. There are also some predictions that just need to be put into the time capsule for the future.

1) DeMarco Murray, RB (Cowboys)

This one is an easy one to mention now that he has had two solid performances as the starter for the Cowboys, but his outlook as a Cowboy looks to be pretty good. Murray was a stud runner in college that had some injury and tackle breaking concerns, but his DM Score was an elite one that caught our eyes. Historically when players have great speed blended with great size then you have a chance to succeed in this league, and that is why he was higher on our rankings than just about any other source.


2) Shane Vereen, RB (Patriots)

I really liked the Vereen pick by the Patriots, but I'm just not sure that he actually will shine on the team any time soon. The team doesn't want to have one (or even two) backs in rotation, and the team just hasn't shown a need for Vereen yet. He may shine some day, but the top-60 pick has been quiet thus far.


3) D.J. Williams, TE (Packers)

I really thought that there would be a team or two that would love to gobble up Williams and make him an elite pass catching tight end in the league, but he fell to the Packers in the fifth round. He only has one catch on the year, but he is fighting for the third spot on the depth chart.


4) Alex Green, RB (Packers) 

Alex Green is another guy that I had higher than most, and had gone to a team that didn't have two fine starters then I think he could have shined. Green had 1,200 yards in 2010 at Hawaii which doesn't sound that impressive, but he only ran the rock 146 times (8.2 yards per carry). He also had 18 rushing touchdowns (about once every 8 carries). Green is a big rusher with some ok speed, and he could be good someday if given a chance, but for now he will struggle to get touches.


5) Cam Newton, QB (Panthers)

Cam Newton was arguably the best prediction that I have ever made. I mocked Newton as the 1st overall pick in my very first Draft Maven mock back in November of 2010. Draft Maven was the first site to do such a thing, and it was nearly two months before any other site started to even put him in the top-10. I saw early on that Newton was much more than an athletic quarterback, and I absolutely thought that he could be a star. The fact that he fell to a team that would commit themselves to him, and to a coach that knew how to mold him into a star. Newton is no sure thing, but the team could be insane if they build around him over the next few years.


6) DeAndre McDaniel, S (Colts)

McDaniel was my 2nd ranked safety in the draft because he had a good combo of speed and size. I also loved his tackling ability, but dusted under the rug the fact that his coverage skills weren't good. McDaniel went undrafted, and he likely won't see much of the field.


7)  Von Miller, OLB (Broncos)

Wow was I wrong about Miller's ability to succeed in the 4-3. The Broncos wanted to use Miller as a pass rushing linebacker (think 3-4 rush linebacker in the 4-3), and they have done it well. Miller is a potential stud going forward, and he is doing more than I ever would have thought (in the 4-3).


8) Marcus Cannon, OL (Patriots)

I had Cannon higher than anyone did (wasn't even close) on their big board. I knew from tape that Cannon was a 350-pound mauler that moved like a 310-pound blocker. Cannon is finally returning from a cancer scare, and from all accounts inside he still has a ton of potential.


9) Gabe Carimi, OT (Bears)

Carimi has had some injury concerns, but he is finally starting to get back. I think his potential is still there to succeed, and he should find some time on the terrible Bear's line.


10) Jonathon Baldwin, WR (Chiefs)

Baldwin started off slow in the league, but he recently had a huge Monday night game. I loved his potential and thought that he would have been a top-20 pick if hadn't had one of the worst quarterbacks throwing to him in college.