So the odds of Brett Favre and Aaron Rogers being on the same team again are pretty darn low, but you don't actually believe that the sexting gunslinger is really done, do ya? 

Could Brett Favre play in 2012? The simple answer is yes, but the answer most fans will continue to believe is no. If you are more than 75% sure that you have seen Brett Favre throw his last pass, his last touchdown, and his last interception then. you are are completely insane. Brett Favre has been rumored to retire since 2005, and each and every year he finds his way back to the league, and I do completely expect it to happen again in 2012.

Brett Favre hold numerous records including most yards, scores and picks, but he will always remembered for the 297 consecutive starts His first NFL pass was an interception, his first completion was to himself, and it seems like his last pass every season is an interception that loses a crucial game. He hit rock bottom in 2011 when he couldn't keep his streak alive and when he got into a little cell phone trouble, but do you really believe someone is going to end on such a low note? 

Some will say "he has no more left in the tank" while others will say that "he has nothing else to prove." Both of these statements are half true, but both so completely wrong. We are talking about Brett Lorenzo Favre here, and to say that he has nothing left in the tank is insane. Favre has reportedly had nothing left in the tank since 2005, but he still is able to come out and do remarkable things. Statistically Favre had an off year in terms of damage to his body (most injuries seemed to have been prior ones that just didn't get fixed right), and Favre has had an extra month of rest compared to every other year.

I do agree that he isn't going to come back and play for the Buffalo Bills just to play, but to say he has nothing to prove is insane. Favre has been trying to get one last ring since he came back for the 2006 season, and after two team changes it is even more clear that he is determined to finish on a high note. Why after one bad season would that change for him? Sure he has set every record possible for him, but he set those records long ago. Favre wants another ring and I would be willing to bet that he would love another chance to get one. 

So on to the impending question of where will he play, but the unfortunate problem is that I have no idea. But what if the Arizona Cardinals aren't able to land Kevin Kolb? Favre offers so much more than Marc Bulger ever would, and I would guarantee that Larry Fitzgerald would rather have Favre on a one year contract. The Cardinals also would become contenders again with Favre, just like they were with Kurt Warner. Maybe the Seahawks think they are a quarterback away from the Super Bowl, or maybe the 49ers want an elite veteran to run the team to the promised land for a season.

If Peyton Manning, Drew Brees or Michael Vick just happened to go down in pre-season, then the teams would be insane not to consider bringing in Favre for a one year deal. Imagine what Favre could do in New Orleans or Philadelphia with all of the talent, and bringing in Favre would be a much smarter move than giving up the entire 2012 season. 
In a crazy storyline imagine him coming in to replace Matt Ryan for a season in the "team he started with to the team he ended with" story. 
In an even crazier twist of fate, what would happen if Aaron Rodgers got hurt the week before the bye? Sure they might go with Matt Flynn, but imagine the storyline of Brett Favre getting one last chance to go out with a bang. Some of Pack nation might be opposed, but I think secretly every Packer die hard would welcome Favre back on the team for half a season if Rodgers is down.

There are just too many variables out there before we can truly believe that Brett Favre is actually retired. He has retired before to come back during training camp, and there is nothing that says he can't do one more year. Sure the list of competing teams that need a quarterback is small, but there is no saying that he couldn't find his way onto a team for a one year deal.