Patrick Peterson won't fall far enough to be a Jet, but how would he look as a Brown?

Every single mock draft that you see on the internet is unique and there almost always are a few "twists" that some fans either love or hate. Whether you like them or not you have to consider the entire situation of the draft including team need, the rest of the draft, and player/pick value. I will break down a few picks from both Austin's and Mike's mock drafts to further explain why our "strange" picks could possibly become true.

(Also, if you haven't viewed Mike's Mock or Austin's Mock then you can do so by going *HERE*)

  1. Cam Newton, 1st overall to the Carolina Panthers (in Mike's Mock)

    Cam Newton is a monster of a player with arguably the most potential since Michael Vick. He has a big, hard to tackle frame, a cannon for an arm, a winner's heart and the ability to get out of the pocket if needed. But everyone knows that.

    After watching about 1/2 of his game tape this season I saw a player that has some iffy footwork and a throwing technique that could be fine tuned. In reality Cam Newton is a player that essentially compares to a less experienced, but closer-to-ready version of Tim Tebow. That actually makes a lot of sense because before a few strings of off the field issues Cam Newton was in line to replace Tim Tebow at Florida, and he learned behind Tebow, which means a lot of his game was refined in the same ways that Tebow was. But Cam Newton has much better footwork, a better release and more potential than Tebow had this time a year ago.

    Newton's stock has been rising lately and it should be. Jake Locker stunk up the Senior Bowl (and really the senior season). Ryan Mallett has a goofy arm motion and a long list of off the field rumors that top analysts know about and hint to. Blaine Gabbert isn't accurate, isn't overly productive, and doesn't have 1/10th the potential that Newton does. So if a team like the Panthers doesn't believe that Nick Fairley, Da'Quan Bowers, or AJ Green are 1st overall material then they could easily grab Newton 1st overall.

    Newton recently was given a 1+ million dollar sponsorship deal by Under Armour which is outstanding. I spent my undergraduate college years at the University of Oregon learning about how Nike has departments (notice the plural) for talent evaluation, contract potential and player value and I expect Under Armour to be just as significant. Under Armour knows believes that Cam Newton has the potential to go 1st overall, the potential to be a top-5 QB in the league, and the potential to not have off the field issues that would hurt the Under Armour name.

  2. Patrick Peterson, 6th overall to the Cleveland Browns (Mike's Mock)

    This pick seemed a lot stranger a few weeks ago when 99% of mocks had Peterson going in the top 5, let alone the top 2. As far as I can tell Draft Maven was the first website to recently mock Peterson getting taken by the Brown, but now a few sites have started to have him fall to as far as the Cowboys in the 1st. From a draft history point of view it does make some sense.

    If you read Lesson 10 of the draftology section then you would have noticed that only two total corners have been taken in the top-12 of the draft over the last five years, and with it being 7th and 11th overall in those two picks. Peterson plays a position that doesn't often go early because it is not one of the top needed positions (QB, OT, pass rusher), it is a position that teams need more than one of and because it is often hard to sift through the cornerback classes to really truly tell which corners deserve to go very early instead of taking a similar one in the 2nd round.

    If Nick Fairley, Da'Quan Bowers, and a couple other top guys (pick three out of Marcell Dareus, AJ Green, a QB, Robert Quinn or Von Miller) go in the top-5 then the Browns could pick Peterson. The Browns need help on their DL, at LB and at WR before they need help at corner, but if Fairley, Bowers, Green, and Miller are gone like I have mocked, then the team might rather take the best corner in the draft over the 3rd best defensive lineman.

    The Browns may not love the complete idea of taking a corner in the top-10 for the 2nd straight year but they would get a player of need, the BPA and a player that could add double value. Double value is a draftology lesson for another time, but essentially the Browns taking a corner would allow them to possibly move a 2nd string corner like Eric Wright or Sheldon Brown to fill a potential need at safety. It isn't a perfect fit but it would allow the Browns to possibly double the value on Peterson while giving Joe Haden a player across from him that he would love.

  3. Mark Ingram 9th overall to the Cowboy (Austin's Mock)

    This is a pick that I actually like from Austin's mock. On a direct pick basis this seems like a major reach and a strange pick but if you truly analyze the mock's top-8 picks and the Cowboy's need then the pick is one that could actually make a lot of sense.

    The Cowboys arguably need a CB, FS, OT, DE, SS, OG, OLB in that order. The first 8 picks of Austin's mock are:

    1. Nick Fairley
    2. Patrick Peterson
    3. A.J. Green
    4. Da'Quan Bowers
    5. Blaine Gabbert
    6. Marcell Dareus
    7. Prince Amukamara
    8. Von Miller

    Analyzing this draft with the Cowboys need, there really is not a defensive back or offensive lineman worth taking here which means that Cam Jordan, Robert Quinn, Aldon Smith, and JJ Watt are the only real guys that could go here, and the Cowboys might not love any of the guys. They could also try to trade back but that is never a pure option. So why not consider a guy like Mark Ingram?

    The Cowboys clearly are preparing to move on without Marion Barber being a part of the team. Felix Jones is an ok back but he is not a home run threat, he isn't a big yardage guy, and he doesn't score TD's. Tashard Choice is another good change of pace guy but he hasn't shown the ability to score TD's, go for big yardage or consistently rack up yardage in the league. Adding a guy like Mark Ingram would give them a big, strong, fast, home run threat that is a touchdown machine. He would help to take some pressure off of the OL and he would force defenses to defend the rush. It really does make some sense.

    Finally, there are 15-20 defensive linemen in this draft that could safely be drafted to become starters as a 3-4 DE. There are only two or three runningbacks that can carry the load for 20+ carries each week and the odds of the Cowboys getting one of them is rare after their first pick.