I will be going through the combine numbers, stats, rumors and news throughout the week. I have grabbed the numbers from a friend of the site http://walterfootball.com/combine


Day two is a spicier day. You get OL/TE benches plus the full offensive weigh ins. Here is my 5-4-3-2-1 coverage

Guys that impressed

1) Marcus Cannon, OT, TCU

Cannon impressed me yesterday with is size, arm length and after today I might have to move him up even higher than 9th (where he is now) on my Big Board. Today Cannon benched 34 reps with his big (34-inch) arms which is pretty darn impressive for anyone. Long arms usually mean fewer reps, but not in the case of Cannon.

2) Tyron Smith, OT, USC

Smith's size, weight and arms were great yesterday and with the biggest arms in the combine he benched an awesome 29 reps. Great size, strength, and great tape to match it will help vault him forward.

3) Da'Rel Scott, RB, Maryland

Scott played a lot smaller and a lot faster than the 5-11, 211 pounds that he showed up to with at the combine.

4) DJ Williams, TE, Arkansas

This Hog has impressed me so far. His height is a question at being 6-2, but his weight is ok, and he benched 20 reps which makes me think that he could be taught to be a blocker if needed.

5) Jonathon Baldwin, WR, Pittsburgh

I have been high on Baldwin all year and having some of the biggest hands in the draft can do nothing but help his stock.


1) Mike Pouncey, OG, Florida

With tiny arms I was already down on Pouncey, but the fact that he didn't participate in benching makes me wonder if he is strong enough to play guard. He doesn't have the arms to play tackle (or even guard), and if he doesn't have the strength to play guard then he can only play center, a position that he doesn't have the technique for.

2) Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland

Smith measured in with some tiny 8 & 5/8 inch hands. He has some good speed and is a major sleeper but small hands rarely get drafted that early.  For the record I measured my hands to be 9 & 7/8 inch which helps my 6-1 frame in the all-writers draft.

3) Nate Solder, OT, Colorado

Solder makes the list again. He came into the combine as the "freak" but measure in with average bulk to fit his frame, small arms for his frame, and even with the small arms he only benched 21 reps. He isn't the "freak" that we know of and his technique sucks. I'm not sure that I'd take him in the first 2 rounds at this point unless I was VERY desperate.

4) Christian Ponder & Andy Dalton

Last year Todd McShay hated Colt McCoy and Jimmy Clausen because of their heights. This year McShay is VERY high on a 6-2 Andy Dalton who (like Ponder) doesn't have the arm strength you want.

Watch List

1) Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State (2nd day on watch)

Sherrod was on the watch list yesterday because of weight gain. Today he didn't bench as many reps as you would have liked him too, but it wasn't overly awful enough to put on the disappoint list.  

2) Lee Zeimba, OT, Auburn

I heard some talk of Ziemba being a 2nd round pick lately. Well with only 20 bench reps I don't know if he has the proven strength to play tackle. Maybe he has some 55 inch arms that I haven't heard about.

3) Shane Vereen, RB, California

Vereen actually is on the good side of the watch list and I actually considered him on today's good side. His height is a solid 5-10 and his weight is a solid 210 pounds. Vereen is a BETTER overall prospect than Jahvid Best and if he runs a solid 40-time I think he could slip up to even the 1st round. I love Vereen's tape because he isn't scared to push through the middle of the pile while also pinballing around.

News of the Day

1) Chicago Bears extend Lovie Smith through 2013.

Good defense -- Check
Bad QB play -- Check

Well then re-sign him! I am sick of talented teams extending contracts because the team made the playoffs. Jay Cutler has regressed, Todd Collins should have retired 10 years ago and some fans think that Caleb Hanie should be the starter. The team loves having a grind-it-out old school team and the defense is on track. But the run game isn't good, the passing game is even worse and the team has needs on the entire offensive line to add to the terrible receiving core. The best Bears QB to come through since Lovie has coached was Kyle Orton who was that grind-it-out winner, but Lovie got rid of him for Cutler.

2) Rumors flow that say that the Lions will NOT consider taking corner Jimmy Smith

It is already bad enough that the Lions don't want to protect Matt Stafford by drafting an offensive tackle, but the fact that they don't like Smith just seems like a joke. Smith is the best shutdown corner in the draft and he has the speed to be the next Nnamdi Asomugha. He reportedly has character concerns, but he those concerns are minor alcohol related charges and a drug test failed in 2007. None of these things are good and the fact they happen often is a bad sign, but I don't think a few little things are as bad as 90% of the problems that go on.

The Last Word

1) No signs that a CBA will be done any time soon.

This is just stupid, but both sides want more money. Owners want more money to pay for more expenses while Players want more money to have.. more money. Personally I think that players are making enough money as is, and that they should shut up. I do think that owners should take ten percent of what they make now and it should be pooled to do two things. The first is to help maintain the teams that are losing money. The second part should be to create a full time fund so that every player that ever plays an NFL snap in a game is covered with insurance by the league. The rest of the stuff would follow suit.