Jah Reid's Stock is moving up after his combine weigh in. Find out why and why others his size aren't.

I will be going through the combine numbers, stats, rumors and news throughout the week. I have grabbed the numbers from a friend of the site http://walterfootball.com/combine


Day one is always pretty slow for the combine because it is just the beginning weigh ins and some coach coverage.

Guys that impressed

1) Tyron Smith, OT, USC

Smith's biggest question was rather he could add some weight and some bulk to his frame. Well he added 25 pounds on what seems to be good bulk since the offseason and he is now at 307 pounds. With 36 and 3/8 arms and his technique skill it looks as if Smith could be the first OT taken and he might even be the top-10 (or even top-5) offensive tackle that we have been looking for this year.

2) Marcus Cannon, OT, TCU

I'm a little biased about Cannon, but am proud to have him at 9th in my big board because of his potential. It looks like he has potentially lost a little weight and his arms are pretty good at 34 inches. I think if he can prove that he is athletic at his weight he could vault himself into a top-64 lock this combine.

3) Ben Ijalana, OT, Villanova

6-4, 317 pounds and 36 inch arms. Ijalana was already a 1st round sleeper but I think he could prove himself to be one of the better linemen in the class this week.

4) Kyle Rudolph, TE, Notre Dame

Rudolph was 6-6, 259 pounds and had 34 inch arms. Anyone who thinks he will fall to the Falcons in round 2 needs to realize that he could be a top-25 pick this year.

5) Jah Reid, OT, UCF

Reid won't likely go until the later rounds but at 6-7, 237 pounds he was one of the few very tall guys with enough weight to fit the frame.


1) Nate Solder, OT, Colorado

If you are 6-8 then you need to weigh a little more than 319. It seems nitpicky but it is a frame-weight-height thing. I also expected slightly bigger arms than 34.5 inches for "The biggest freak" in the draft.

2) Mike Pouncey, OG, Florida

Pouncey measured in almost exactly like his brother did last year. I didn't love Maurkice's 32.5 inch arms and I don't love Mike's 32 & 1/4 inch arms, especially given the fact that Mike is a guard.

3) Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College

See Nate Solder (at 6-7, 311 pounds)

4) Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin

See Anthony Castonzo plus 6 pounds

Watch List

1) Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State

Sherrod has gained weight from the regular season to the Senior Bowl and has gained nearly 10 more since then. I love for offensive linemen to gain weight but not 15 pounds in 2 months unless it is all bulk on top of room to bulk up.

2) Weslye Saunders, TE, South Carolina

Saunders already has to be a risk/reward guy in the draft because of his year long suspension, but he came in at 6-5, 270 pounds. With that height and weight for a tight end he either has to be very fast for his size, or he is a full time blocker.

3) Rodney Hudson, OG, Florida State

Hudson is 6-2 and 299 at the combine. That's actually an improvement in his weight but he is a small guard regardless and just might be avoided by some teams based on his size.

News of the Day

1) Stanford Routt, CB, Oakland Raiders signed to a 3-year, 31 million dollar extension.

DUMB! That's what Al Davis is. I am admittedly a Raiders fan and have been for a long while, but this is classic dumb Davis. Davis overpaid for Richard Seymour by 5-million a year and has overpaid for Routt by at least 5-million a year. If the Routt signing stops the team from keeping Nnamdi then this can be attributed to the team never being a Super Bowl contender again while Davis is alive.

2) Tim Tebow to be 2nd on the depth chart going into the season

This might come as a slight surprise, but Orton will help the team to win now and to let them groom Tebow a little more. I don't mind this, but the team needed to shop Orton while his value is there and when teams need QBs because next year he won't be worth much. This also didn't need to be in the news at all because it does very little good for anybody.

The Last Word

1) Chan Gailey admits that CJ Spiller wasn't used right.


Spiller was arguably the worst pick in the draft last year. He was a running back with the upside to be Reggie Bush, went to a team that was fine at RB, and went to a team that had no offensive line, no quarterback, no defense. And they still don't! Some will say that Jimmy Clausen, Anthony Davis, Bryan Bulaga and Dez Bryant wouldn't have been any better given their positions or their rookie seasons, but that isn't fair. Clausen would have gone into the season as the QB1 and the motivation and care from the team. Davis or Bulaga would have made the RT spot so much better (given RT as a need is bad but RB that gets 7 carries a game isn't exactly better than a RT), and Dez Bryant would have made Fitzpatrick look much much better.