You either are a Cam Newton fan or you are not, and depending on that you either liked what you saw from Newton today or you didn't. Newton was criticized for not doing well (11 of 21) at the combine practice despite the fact that his top-10 conterpart Blaine Gabbert didn't even participate (because he wouldn't have been much better). He then countered it today with a 50 for 60 set with three drops, three close misses and four tough over throws, and for a pro day that is below average statistically. Again, if you liked Newton in the draft then you may have looked at his whole frame of work and liked what you saw, but if you don't like Newton you looked at the stats.

The fact is that if you watched Newton this season you would have noticed that he threw off of his back foot, that his throwing motion was goofy, that he practically chucked the ball to the receivers, and that his footwork was awful. If you look at the film from the pro day you will realize though that he is now dropping back naturally with a cleaner approach. He threw more naturally off of his front step (does need a little more work), his ball location was a little cleaner and his passes just seem simply better. He does still have a little bit of a problem with overthrowing the ball, but his ball location is better. He still isn't at the point where he is an elite thrower but he truly is a better thrower.

Overall Newton still will be known as all potential, but lately he has done much better to change his range. At the beginning of the draft season Newton's draft range was between a better version of Mike Vick/Ben Roethlisberger while his low was much worse than JaMarcus Russell/Vince Young. But after some decent interviews, a lowered risk of criminal issues, and the fact that Newton is trying to improve his game by trying his range still has that Vick/Roethisberger upside. Fortunately though it doesn't look as if his lowside for a team could be much worse than Vince Young. He has become less of a bust risk and he does deserve to go 1st overall based on position, draft class value, need and potential.