You might not know this but the last name Sanzenbacher is Polish for good late round sleeper

Top 5 Late round steals in the 2011 NFL Draft.

5. John Moffitt, OG, Wisconsin. I love the offensive lineman from Wisconsin. They are all rough and mean guys. Moffitt is no different in his style of play. He is 6-5 323 pounds and also a first team all Big Ten player. He has a third to fourth round projection on him. The biggest knocks on him is he relies on his size a little too much and might not be quick enough to make every block, and he also played along with Gabe Carimi who might take some of his luster away from him. I think Moffitt has the ability to be a starting guard in this league for a long time with a coach who can teach him some proper technique.

4. Greg Salas, WR, Hawaii. Salas is 6-2 200 pounds and knows how to catch the ball. He played in the spread formation at Hawaii and they throw the ball 420 times a game, so he has caught a ball or two. His knock is the type of offense he played in but because of guys like Davone Bess who has come into the league and made a name for himself in the same offense, Salas can see himself going in the fourth to fifth round.

3. Dane Sanzenbacher, WR, Ohio State. Dane is a small guy at 5-11 175 pounds and also doesn’t have lightning speed. The things that make him a great fit are his ability to get open with great route running and he also has very good hands. He needs to bulk up in the weight room to go across the middle of the field. Sanzenbacher was the number one target for Pryor and has the ability to make a big catch. He will come off the board in about the fourth round and could develop into a Wes Welker type of receiver.

2. Ahmad Black, S, Florida. He is a very undersized Safety at 5-9 190 pounds. He does have some speed running in the 4.4s in the forty. I think he will convert to a corner at the next level but having the experience as a three year starter at Florida should give him the capabilities to do it. Black is a great athlete and a ball hawk. He should be coming off the board in the third round and be able to make an impact after playing corner for a year or two.

1. Tejay Johnson, FS, TCU. I love this guy from a great defense. He is 6-1 212 and could be the steal of the draft. Johnson has very good coverage skills and makes plays all over the place. He goes up and gets the ball at its highest point which is huge for trying to cover great WRs in this league. He does make some mental mistakes at times and that I think is what has cost him to have a low draft grade.  He probably will come off the board in about the sixth round which will make him a great steal this year.

I am sure there will be other steals in this draft and these are just a few to keep you r eyes on. It is because of guys like these that make the draft so important. We all know that the first round guys are supposed to produce, but the third round and beyond are where you find the guys that have that chip on their shoulder and have something to prove. These are also the guys that make General Managers and Head Coaches look so smart and produce great teams. The late round steals are what makes the draft so great. Let me know who you think will be a great steal in the draft. Who can be that next great steal?