Austin has a math equation. Brett Keisel's beard + Troy Polomalu's hair equals Steeler's Super Bowl Victory.

I think the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to be the next Super Bowl Champions. Big Ben will lead them down the field in the two minute drill and a last second field goal will win it. The Steelers and Packers have a lot of similarities. They both have very good quarterbacks, defenses are stingy, and both have great coaching. The differences are the Packers receivers are better than the Steelers and the Steelers running game is better than the Packers.

The Packer receivers are top notch. Greg Jennings is proof that the MAC Conference can produce more that QBs coming from Western Michigan. Donald Driver is getting old but still is playing at a high level. Jordy Nelson is an excellent substitute as well. These guys are going to be very challenging for the Steeler Defense to contain. The aggressive play of the Steeler D will give up at least one big TD play to these guys.

The difference in the score will come down to Rashard Mendenhall. He tore the Jets defense up in the AFC Championship Game. I expect him to have a big day against the Pack. He will be able to neutralize the pass rush of Green Bay, opening up play action for Big Ben. I don’t think anyone knows if Pouncey will play, not even him. Without Pouncey the Steeler O-line will definitely have to step up to the plate and give Big Ben enough time to get rid of the ball, though sometimes they could block for three days and he would still have a hold of it. The running game will be able to control the clock and keep Aaron Rodgers off the field. That should be music to Steeler fans.

I believe that this will be a great game and one you don’t want to miss. It will be extremely close and more than likely, whoever has the ball last will win it.  Plus for all the other people who don’t care about the game, the commercials are always awesome.

Steelers 24
Packers 21