Chris Greenwood, Cornerback, Albion

Two months ago I would have pegged Chris Greenwood the guy, but not now. He has caught on because he is an athletic freak that produces, and too many teams have brought him in for him to last.

Gino Gradkowski, OG/C, Delaware

Gradkowski is another guy that could have once been the guy, but I think too many people will like his last name too much to let him last. 

Shawn Loiseau, LB, Merrimack

This is my guy.There is something that I really like about Loiseau. It's not the fact that he was an all-conference stud that did nothing but produce and get to the ball. It's not the fact that he has a mean streak that reminds me of some of the best linebackers in football. It's not the fact that he is a Criminology major that was charged with assault with a deadly weapon when he was 17 after he got into a fight. Oh... that deadly weapon was the ground.

What I love about this guy is his last name. It has every single vowel in the alphabet. It has Seau in it. And you know it would be awesome to have the original Mr. Irrelevant, 85 year old Paul Salata try to announce it properly on draft day.