4) Cincinnati Bengals

I'm not as down on the Bengals as most people, because the loss of Carson Palmer won't change that much in the long term of the franchise. The team has a ton of young talent at receiver, but they really need to reboot the defense while strengthening the rest of the offense. Overall though, I really don't think the team has a coach that can save his job and I expect a new direction come the bye week.

3) Cleveland Browns

I really loved what the Browns did in the draft, and in general I think the time will make some good strides throughout this year, but they just aren't going to compete with two of the top teams in the NFL.

2) Pittsburgh Steelers

A lot of people really think that the Steelers are the team to beat in the NFL, and it's hard to disagree with them. I do however think that the Ravens will be much better than expected this season with some great additions from the offseason.

1) Baltimore Ravens

I actually think Joe Flacco will win a game against the Steelers this season, but it won't be easy. I do think though that the offense is talented enough to compete against any defense, and I expect the defense to be just as lethal as they always are.


1) Houston Texans

I really think that this is the year that the Texans make the leap. The offense looks lethal and eventually the defense is going to get scary. I do think the team needs a good receiver across from Andre Johnson (See Falcons, Atlanta) before they compete for a championship, but they could finally make the playoffs this year.

2) Tennessee Titans

I honestly don't think the Titans will be that good, but rather that the Colts will be as bad. The defense should be ok (ish), and the offense should be good enough to put the team in 8-win territory.

3)  Indianapolis Colts

Before I get a bunch of Colt fans sending in the hate mail, you must understand that this is not an overreaction to Manning missing the first game. Manning is likely going to miss a few games, and the team is just not that talented. The defense is overrated, the run game is poor, and the offensive line is just not ready. Even with Peyton in the team may only be a 10 win game, so 6-7 wins is more than possible. 

4) Jacksonville Jaguars

Just like the Bengals I could see the Jags getting a new head coach come Bye week. The team just cut their starting quarterback, and they just aren't very good. Their best player (MJD) is also banged up and likely on the last legs of his good career.


4) Buffalo Bills

The Bills will continue to rule the coffins of the East until they get a quarterback. Even if they had one they would still possibly be in last place.

3) Miami Dolphins

Great offensive line, potential at running back (although need more), and decent receivers. Oh, and the defense is pretty good too! Unfortunately Chad Henne is not...

2) New York Jets

I like the Jets to compete this year, but I just don't think they will top the Pats. The team lost some tools on both sides while also changing a few minor philosophies. Look for an 11-win team though.

1) New England Patriots

The Patriots need some of their young talents to show up on both sides of the ball, and the addition of Chad Eightfive should be a monstrous move if he can learn to run correct routes.


4) Oakland Raiders

I really think the Raiders could be the worst team in football this year. To start things off the team got rid of a coach that made great progress. They then signed their CB2 to a monster contract while letting the best corner in the NFL walk away. The team then drafted luxury players and corner depth to top it off. A below average offensive line won't help out fragile rushers and a bottom-12 quarterback succeed, especially since the defense will fall to one of the five worst in the league without Nnamdi Asomugha. I wish the best for the team, but my crystal ball doesn't project good things.

3) Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs won the division last year, but they also had the easiest schedule in football (including slam dunk games at home). Matt Cassel and the rest of the offense should take a step back which will tire out the defense.

2)  Denver Broncos

The Broncos have the potential to be just fine on offense, but the defense will likely be awful. I think the team will pull a few upsets off though which should help push them to a 6-10 second place finish.

1) San Diego Chargers

The Chargers win the division without even trying, but they will likely win 4 fewer games then they are supposed to.