New Mexico Bowl
Arizona v Nevada
Arizona Favored by 9.5

Who to watch for: Ka'Deem Carey, RB, Arizona - NCAA leading YPG rusher with over 2,000 overall offensive yards this year

Who will win: Arizona should win this big. They lost to two BCS teams, two other top-25 teams, and to rival AZ State, while beating OK State and USC.
Who to bet for: Arizona gives a lot of points, but they should smoke the Wolf Pack if motivated.

Idaho Potato Bowl
Utah State v Toledo
UT State Favored by 9.5

**By the way, I hate bowls named solely off of brand names, etc. so I will be dissing each sponsor at least once per preview. If they don't like it then I would love them to pay me to advertise. I don't actually mind this bowl though because it essentially is a bowl for Idaho, in Idaho.
Who to watch for: Utah State's Defense which allowed 4+ touchdowns only once this year
Who will win: Utah State lost to BYU and Wisconsin by 5 total points, and that's it for the season. They can score points, and they don't let others do the same. 
Who to bet for: Utah State. Don't bet your house on this one, because it seems like Toledo has a close score in every game they play in, but I think Utah State is good enough to win by 10.

Poinsettia Bowl
BYU v SD State
BYU Favored by 2.5

Who to watch for: The shutdown BYU defense led by LB Kyle Van Noy who averages a sack a game
Who will win: Ugh, BYU is favored and has a defense that is lethal, but there is just something that I don't trust in them here. I think BYU is a little overrated (especially on the road), but they can't blow out teams. I'm going SD State purely on guts.
Who to bet for: SD State (but very little confidence)

Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl
Central Florida v Ball State
UCF Favored by 7.5

**Beef 'O' Brady's.... Also known as the 45th best restaurant chain in the country***
Who to watch for: UCF's Latavius Murray who has run for a score in 8 straight games
Who will win: Ugh this one is closer that you may think. Both teams lost to teams they probably were supposed to, but UCF very easily could be in a better bowl game (and for a reason). 
Who to bet for: Ball State. I'm not sold that they will win, but they had only one game that wasn't close (Clemson), and I like to pick heavy underdogs (7+ points) that I think could win the game.

New Orleans Bowl
LA Lafayette v ECU
LA Laff Favored by 5.5

Who to watch for: Rodney Gillis, Safety for LA Lafayette who is 9th in the country in interceptions. I hope he matches up a bit with ECU receiver Justin Hardy who averaged 7+ receptions a game.
Who will win: LA Lafayette will win this game. They are very weak against great offensive teams, but they have the firepower to keep up with most teams. 
Who to bet for: ECU. Just like the Ball State game, I like ECU because I wouldn't be shocked if they won. I also think that they may be extra motivated to perform given the Big East acceptance.

Las Vegas Bowl
Boise State v Washington
Boise Favored by 5.5

Who to watch for: Boise State's passing defense which has allowed only three touchdowns all season. Oh, and they have the second best YPA also in the pass game. 
Who will win: Ugh. Boise lost two games this year by six total points while Washington lost five games by a 3+ touchdown margin. Washington's offense can't move the ball against talented defenses, and they just didn't look good this year. But there is something about this game that just doesn't smell like a Boise win. All wisdom says it will be though.
Who to bet for: I wouldn't bet against Boise here because they could easily win by 40+ points, but they could also lose this game too. I'd bet Boise, but I wouldn't fell confident about it.

Hawaii Bowl
Fresno State v SMU
Fresno Favored by 11.5

Who to watch for: QB Derek Carr an Safety Phillip Thomas for Fresno State. Carr is the brother of David Carr who was drafted first overall about 10-year ago, and he had the 4th most TD's in college this season. Phillip Thomas led the country with eight interceptions (three for touchdowns). Oh, and he had four sacks as well. BTW another Fresno player (Derron Smith) had the 5th most picks in the country too with six).

Who will win: Outside of the fact that SMU coach June Jones knows the Hawaii Bowl way too well, I REALLY like Fresno here. They have one of the best QB's in college, and a defense that can back that thang up (or something like that). Fresno lost to Oregon (in Oregon's third worst performance marginally), Boise State, and by one point at 10-3 Tulsa. This team has a lot to love.
Who to bet for: Eek. I hate having to give 11.5 points in a game like this. I'd avoid this game if I could, but I'd bet for Fresno here.

Little Caesars Bowl
Western Kentucky v Central Michigan
WKU Favored by 5.5

*Little Caesars... Have you tried their $5.00 Pizza made out of recycled cardboard and cheese made out of old plastic?
Who to watch for: Western Kentucky. It's their first ever bowl, they are a fun team that nobody has seen play, and they have some serious defensive talent. Quanterus Smith finished 4th in the country in sacks with 12.5, while corner Jonathon Dowling finished 5th in interceptions with six. 

Who will win: I think Vegas is giving too much love to Cental Michigan for home team advantage here, because I think WKU should be a 14 point favorite. You know who CMU's best win this year was? A one point shocker over 4-8 Iowa.
Who to bet for: WKU. Central Mich could win the game, but WKU could win this game BIG.

Military Bowl
San Jose State v Bowling Green
SJST Favored by 7.5

Who to watch for: Defensive playmakers. Bowling Green defensive tackle finished with 12.5 sacks this season while San Jose's defensive end Travis Johnson found 12 of his own. I'm also excited to see corner Bene Bewikere (7 interceptions0 play for the Aztecs for the first time.

Who will win: It's hard to not go with San Jose here. They have the better offense, the better defense, and they lost to only Stanford (by 3) and Utah State.
Who to bet for: Go San Jose here. They had one bad game this year, and should control the game.

Belk Bowl
Cincinnati v Duke
Cincinnati Favored by 7.5

* Belk has stores in 16 states. That's great that the other 34 states who don't give a crap
Who to watch for: Duke. Their only real chance of winning is because they haven't been to a bowl in a really long time.

Who will win: Have to take Cinci here. Duke can score, but they can't defend
Who to bet for: I'd be safe with Cinci on this one. I really can't say that Duke has a good reason on why they will win this one.

Holiday Bowl
UCLA v Baylor
UCLA Favored by 1.5

Who to watch for: Anthony Barr led UCLA (and the NCAA) in sacks with 13.5 this season and he will really want to impress the scouts in one of the best bowls.

Who will win: Who knows. Baylor can score on anyone, but they can get scored on by anyone. I actually give a slight advantage to Baylor who has seemed hotter lately.
Who to bet for: I like Baylor because I think they win the game, but either one is a decent enough pick.

Independence Bowl
LA Monroe v Ohio
LA Monroe Favored by 6.5

Who to watch for: LA Monroe QB Kolton Browning has been a stud this year. He led the team in passing, and in rushing this last year, and he is a fun one to watch.

Who will win: LA Monroe started this season red hot, but they fell short near the end. Same goes for an Ohio team that many thought had BCS potential. I am actually going to pull the upset card here, but I'm not quite sure why outside of the talent around Ohio being actually pretty ok.
Who to bet for:I'd bet on an underrated Ohio squad.

Russell Athletic Bowl
Virginia Tech v Rutgers
Virginia Tech Favored by 2.5

*That's right Russell Athletic. Because who wouldn't want to be sponsored by the 4th best producer of football equipment?
Who to watch for: Logan Thomas the QB for Virginia Tech. He has the potential to be electrifying, and it potentially could be his last college football game (although it'd be dumb). 

Who will win: Beamer Ball collapsed this year and lost a lot of games they shouldn't have. But there is a reason why they are favored despite losing three more games this year. I'm going with Tech here, but Rutgers does have one heck of a potential.
Who to bet for: Go safe and go Beamer Ball who will be looking to get one solid win out of the bowl season.

Meineke Car Care Bowl
Texas Tech v Minnesota
Texas Tech Favored by 12.5

* This one bothers me a lot. It would be awful if it was the Meineke Bowl, but adding 'Car Care' to it ruins it even more. 
Who to watch for: Seth Doege, QB, Tech. Doege has 56 touchdowns in the last two seasons and he has what it takes to lead a team to a high scoring matchup.

Who will win: Tech is a heavy favorite for a reason. They don't have a great defense, but their offense is lethal. Minnesota got to a bowl, but they didn't beat anyone at all. Their defense is also ok, but their offense likely won't be enough to keep up.
Who to bet for: I'd go Tech here. I don't see Minnesota pulling the upset off, and I just don't think their defense will keep up.

Armed Forces Bowl
Air Force v Rice
Air Force Favored by 1.5

Who to watch for: Cody Getz (AF rusher) has rushed for only 73-yards less than the entire team has passed for. 

Who will win: I am torn here because there just isn't much to REALLY love or hate about either team. I am going to give it to Rice because it is essentially a home game for them, and Air Force only won a single road game this year. I also think that AF will struggle more to come back if it were to happen.
Who to bet for: Rice is a much safer bet, especially if you get some points.

Pinstripe Bowl
West Virginia v Syracuse
WV Favored by 3.5

Who to watch for: Geno Smith. Duh. Smith still has an outside chance to be the first overall pick, and he can make up some huge points in this game. 

I am also REALLY excited to see a final game from Tavon Austin. I think Austin has top-20 potential in the draft, and a huge bowl game could put him there.

Who will win: West Virginia. This game seems so easy for me to pick which is what scares me the most. 
Who to bet for: It REALLY scares me that this is only a 3.5 point game in Vegas which often times means that they know something. I'm taking WV, but I am really scared to do so.

Kraft Bowl
Arizona State v Navy
(No Spread Out Yet)

*Kraft... Because who wouldn't want to pour orange 'cheese' powder on their noodles to make it edible?
Who to watch for: AZ State playmakers. Safety Keelan Johnson finished 9th in interceptions this year. But he might not be even the second biggest playmaker on the team. The team has two different guys with 10+ sacks this year (DT Will Sutton and LB Carl Bradford).

Who will win:  Navy's rushing attack will pack some heat, but look for that Sun Devil defense.
Who to bet for: I really like Arizona State here. They won only seven games this year for a reason, but this defense really is good enough to hold Navy back.

Alamo Bowl
Oregon State v Texas
OSU Favored by 2.5

Who to watch for: OSU playmakers on both sides. Corner Jordan Poyer was 2nd in the country with seven interceptions last year. The team also had two different 1,000-yard receivers including Markus Wheaton who also notched 11 scores.

Also keep an eye out for 16-touchdown stud Longhorn rusher Joe Bergeron who scores once ever 7.5 touches.

Who will win: I am lost on this one. I think both teams could win it easily, but I have a feeling for Oregon State on this one. Texas will get a little extra support because of popularity, and because of a home crowd, but OSU has faced a little bit more dynamic talent this year. I also think that they will be more excited about being in the Alamo Bowl with Texas than Texas would be facing OSU. 
Who to bet for: I'd go with Texas actually on a bet though. I am nowhere close to confident in OSU in this game, and Texas is getting points at home.

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl
TCU v Michigan State
TCU Favored by 2.5

*Buffalo Wild Wings. 'Wings, Beers, Sports...' It should be called that bar with no good beer specials, ok wings, and a snobby sports attitude. Come on, get real drink specials!

Who to watch for: I hate the name of the game, but I like the game. Both teams actually have some ok playmakers, but there I am more excited to see the two different styles take each other on.

Who will win: This is another game that I am confused with. Both teams could win, and I could see both lose. I think that TCU will see this game as a fine first step into the Big-12 while Michigan State will see this game as one last punishment for their awful season.
Who to bet for: Take TCU here. Don't bet too much, but take'em

Music City Bowl
Vanderbilt v NC State
Vandy Favored by 6.5

Who to watch for: David Amerson against the Vanderbilt Jordans. David Amerson has the potential to be a top-10 pick in the draft at corner, and he finished 9th in interceptions. He is a stud that will taking on 1,200-yard junior receiver Jordan Matthews. It will of course also be VERY fun to see Jordan Rodgers (brother of Aaron) who I have been raving about in terms of potential for over a year and a half.

Who will win: This could end up being a fun game to watch. You have Mike Glennon's last game at NC State after starting for the last 14 years matching up against a very good Vanderbilt defense. You also get to see some potentially great offense from Vandy's side as well.
Who to bet for: I could see NC State winning, but I don't think they would ever blow out Vanderbilt. I could however see Vanderbilt blow out NC State, especially without their coach. I like Vandy, but I also know that I am putting myself into hot water for doing so.

Sun Bowl
USC v Georgia Tech
USC Favored by 9.5

Who to watch for: USC's defense against the Triple option. I actually am excited to see how USC will fair with the dynamic rushing attack. We know what Oregon did to them on the ground. 

Also, this is Matt Barkley's last chance to salvage a 'can't miss' hype in the preseason draft rankings.

Who will win: Ugh, if this were the first game of the season I think that a motivated USC team would win by 30-points, but I just am not sure if I trust a preseason number one that lost five games to perform. I'm going USC though because I think Lane Kiffin needs the pick-me-up.
Who to bet for: I'd bet Georgia Tech here. They get ten points, and I'm not sold on USC's motivation. USC could win it easily, but I just don't know if I trust it.

Liberty Bowl
Iowa State v Tulsa
ISU Favored by 1.5

Who to watch for: Jared St. John, DE, Tulsa. He had 11.5 sacks this season good for 11th in the country.

Who will win: Tulsa won four more games, are more dynamic on both sides of the field, and are really hot right now. But Vegas has Iowa State as a favorite for some unknown reason.
Who to bet for: I'm going ISU. If Vegas picks a team that makes no sense as a favorite, then a lot of the time there is something that you don't know.

Chick-Fil-A (Peach) Bowl
LSU v Clemson
LSU Favored by 4.5

** This is the worst. I hated it when it was called the 'Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl' and it is so much worse without the Peach. It also doesn't help that Chick-Fil-A is awfu too. I don't understand the love for soggy fried chicken and microwaved tasting waffle fries. Oh, don't forget that it costs twice as much too because it is 'special' chicken. Luckily they are closed Sundays which means that 50-days a year nobody has to eat their crap food.
Who to watch for: Tajh Boyd's offense: Tajh Boyd is electrifying, but it also helps that he has a number of elite playmakers around him including Sammy Watkins who has had a very tough last six months.

Who will win: This is really tough for me. I think that LSU could be less motivated by the fact that they might be the best team in the country, but not playing in a BCS bowl. I also think that it might not matter because of talent (See Clemson v South Carolina and FSU this year).
Who to bet for: I'm taking LSU here. They are 14 points better in terms of talent, and 4.5 isn't enough for me to pull the upset trigger.

Gator Bowl
Mississippi State v Northwestern
Miss State Favored by 2.5

Who to watch for: Kain Colter, ATH, Northwestern. Colter is officially a QB for the team, but he has rushed almost as much as he has passed (around 800-yards each) and has 12 rushing scores to 8 passing. Oh, and he has 60 career receptions for the Wildcats too.

Who will win: If there is one SEC 'upset' that people love it is this game, and it makes sense. NW lost to three of the best Big-Ten teams this year, they have a presence that matches well with the SEC (see their win against Vanderbilt this year), and Pat Fitzgerald does the most with the least in the country. I'm not sold that it happens, but Northwestern has a lot to like.
Who to bet for: Betters should take Northwestern in this game because they have a slight advantage while also getting points. It really could go either way.

Heart of Dallas Bowl
OK State v Purdue
OK State Favored by 16.5

Who to watch for: Joseph Randle (OK State rusher) had 14 touchdowns this season. Problem is that he had 24 last year. If Purdue cannot stop them, then they will be crushed.

Who will win: It is easy to pick the 16.5 point favorite in this game, but Purdue actually does have a chance to win this game. This is not an SEC team against a C-USA team, it is Big-10 and Big-12. Both teams can score points (OK State is better), and both have shown that they both can't always defend well. Both teams also only had losses against teams in bowl games. I like OK State, but don't sugar coat this as an easy win.
Who to bet for: Bet for Purdue. 16.5 points is a lot of points to give, and Purdue could actually keep it close. It is also a lot easier for a team like Purdue to get garbage points at the end.

Outback Bowl
South Carolina v Michigan
South Carolina Favored by 5.5

Who to watch for: Jadeveon Clowney (DE for So. Car) is a beast. He was 2nd in the nation in sacks this year as a sophomore, and I am disappointed in him because he could be so much more. I want more 2+ sack games. I want him to get his hands up and deflect more passes, and I want a signature game.

Who will win: Michigan's offense is great, but it was great in the Big-10 where the speed and recognition just isn't SEC ready. Remember the Alabama game to start the season?
Who to bet for: Michigan could win this game easily, but I just don't know if they will make the style adjustments to do so. I'm going with South Carolina here.

Capital One Bowl
Georgia v Nebraska
Georgia Favored by 9.5

** Capital One... I can't wait for 326 commercials with unfunny barbarians, stupid Baldwins, and mascot contests that NOBODY LIKES! Nobody votes for mascot of the year, it means nothing, and it is a New Years waste of time.
Who to watch for: Jarvis Jones. He was 4th in sacks this year despite missing some playing time this year. I love him in the draft world, and I want to see him against an offense he can handle.

Who will win: If motivated still, Georgia. It's as easy as that, since they have one of the two most talented teams.
Who to bet for: This is tough. Do you think they will care about this game after missing out on the title game and the BCS? If they want to win this game then they will win by 20.

Cotton Bowl
Texas A&M v Oklahoma
TAMU Favored by 4.5

Who to watch for: Potential awesomeness. This game has a lot of potential

Who will win: This is tough. Both teams lost two games to top-10 talents, and both teams are worthy of BCS bids. I give a small advantage to the balance that Texas A&M holds.
Who to bet for: This game looks a little bit like the Texas v Oregon State game. Oklahoma has the talent to beat anyone (including a team they know how to play), and I like getting points with it.

BBVA Compass Bowl
Ole Miss v Pittsburgh
Ole Miss Favored by 3.5

* I was going to make fun of BBVA Compass, but this bowl game is a big enough joke
Who to watch for: QB Tino Sunseri who looked like an actual QB this season (was arguably the worst QB in college last year)

Who will win: I love Ole Miss here. People will rave about the star power from Pitt's Tino Sunseri and Ray Graham, but statistically Ole Miss had a better offense in almost every aspect despite playing in the SEC. Pitts beat two bowl teams this year, but got crushed by Youngstown State. 
Who to bet for: I really like Ole Miss here. Pittsburgh had one good game this year (a 3OT loss to Notre Dame), and I think they are getting too much credit for that. Bowl
Arkansas State v Kent State
Arkansas St. Favored by 3.5

* I should be nice since Go Daddy is my web host, but I can't be that nice. Their commercials are so bad that I might skip this bowl game just to miss them.
Who to watch for: Arkansas State QB Ryan Aplin has been great this year. He didn't take on many scary teams, but he did actually have a solid game at Oregon to start the season, and has 23 passing scores to only 4 picks.

Who will win: This is tough. A lot of people love Kent State, but I just think Arkansas State is the better squad on the field.
Who to bet for: With games this uninteresting you have to take your pick. This is one of those games you toss in a parlay with the over/under because there is no true science to it.

Stanford v Wisconsin
Stanford Favored by 6.5

Who to watch for: Rushers Stefan Taylor and Montee Ball who have combined for nearly 3,500 offensive yards and 35 scores this year.
Who will win: Nothing like watching the 5th best Big Ten team taking on the 2nd best Pac 12 team. Both teams have similar styles of play, and both teams match up with any team to possibly complete. But looking at the entire picture I do like Stanford in this game, however watch out for Wisconsin.
Who to bet for: Go with Wisconsin on this one. This could be Barry Alvarez's actual last game, or maybe it is the start of his second round of Badger coaching. The teams do match up well together, and mentally the Badgers will have more to prove while wanting to recruit a top new coach.

Florida State v Northern Illinois
FSU Favored by 13.5

Who to watch for on FSU: The defense: FSU's defense is arguably the most talented one in the country, and their ability to 

Who to watch for on NIU: QB Jordan Lynch: 3,000 yards passing with 24 scores and only 5 picks. Oh, and don't forget his 1,800 rushing yards and 19 rushing scores. He is the key to victory.
Who will win: This comes down to motivation. FSU does not want to take on the team that scummed into the BCS. Players are not going to care as much primarily because they know that they should easily win this game. I'm going FSU because I think a lazy defense of this caliber still might be good enough to control NIU.
Who to bet for: Honestly I wouldn't bet on this game. Vegas's spread is a 2 score favorite for FSU, but they would win by 35-points in they come in caring. 

Florida v Louisville
Florida Favored by 13.5

Who to watch for on Louisville: QB Teddy Bridgewater. I have been a huge fan of Charlie Strong's Louisville since the start, and I have become fascinated with Bridgewater. He has a pocket presence that is awesome, and he plays smart football. He is a 70% completion guy with a 3-1 TD to INT ratio, and he just looks legit. He is already my top-QB for the 2014 draft, but a good game against Florida could help solidify him up there.

Who to watch for on Florida: The defense. It is kind of a scum out answer, but the defense is so special that it only seems right.
Who will win: Do you want to know why I hate preseason rankings? Because it may have screwed a team like Florida out of the championship game. They didn't have the high ranking benefit that Alabama did, and therefore their ranking is lower. Don't get me wrong, FU didn't win their conference so they shouldn't be in anyways.

For the game this (just like the Orange Bowl) comes down to motivation. I love Teddy Bridgewater, but he can't beat Florida by himself.
Who to bet for: I feel bad for this game. Louisville is actually a pretty good team, with some starpower on both sides, and a great coach. There is a special dynamic because Charlie Strong was the defensive coordinator for the Gators three years ago. But Louisville just isn't ready. They are a very young team that cannot matchup well with Florida (unless FU doesn't care).

Oregon v Kansas State
Oregon Favored by 8.5

This game has some huge intrigue. The two were supposed to meet at the start of the season, but they cancelled it. Both fan bases think that the other team was scared. A month ago these teams were then supposed to face each other in the championship game, but that lasted only a week before both teams lost. And now they face each other in the Fiesta Bowl.
Who will win: Unfortunately though, Kansas State doesn't have a chance. They don't have an offense that can score like Oregon's can, and they don't have a defense that can contain Oregon. Oregon has two weaknesses. Themselves, and the road. So being away from Autzen might give K-State that little chance. But if Kansas State wants to win they had better hope that these Ducks don't care since they are out of the Championship game. I think though that given their need to always keep recruiting strong, and the fact that Chip Kelly will be interviewing in the game I see them playing tough. 
Who to bet for: Bet Oregon. I think Vegas is completely wrong with this pick. They were a 2-3 TOUCHDOWN favorite when they took on Stanford.

Alabama v Notre Dame
Alabama Favored by 9.5

Who to watch for on Alabama: T.J Yeldon and Eddie Lacy: They have combined for 2,200 yards rushing (each with 1,000+) and 27 touchdowns. They average about 6.5 YPC, and they are a fierce two headed monster that will be taking on a NASTY Notre Dame rush defense.

Who to watch for on Notre Dame: Manti Te'o: College football's true Heisman winner has one last college game to prove why he could be a top-5 pick. 

Why Notre Dame will win: Defense. Statistically they have a rush defense that can take Alabama's greatest weapon away from them. If they make it a passing game then they have a HUGE chance to win this game.  
Why Alabama will win: Because they are Alabama. They are defending champs from the SEC, they have a rushing game that can really challenge Notre Dame.
Who will win: I love the Notre Dame story, I love Te'o, and I love watching them. But I can't go against Alabama here. Alabama doesn't have 3OT wins against Pittsburgh. They don't have 3-point wins against Purdue, and they didn't beat Michigan by only a score. 
Who to bet for: This is where it gets tough. Every time a 10+ point favorite plays in the championship game they seem to lose. I also wouldn't be shocked if Notre Dame won. So go with Notre Dame with that many points.