Do I really need to say anything about the SEC? They will have the best defenses, the fastest offenses, and likely the championship team. This conference is so nasty that I am actually going to split up the rankings for the divisions instead of ranking team finishes.


6: Vanderbilt

I really hope that Vanderbilt decides to give the ball to QB Jordan Rodgers this year more and more to see what he's got, but we will see. Either way it is hard to think that the Commodores will be competing any time soon.

5: Kentucky

Kentucky did some very fun things on the field last year, but they essentially have nothing left in the tank after the draft stole all of the skills players on the team.

4: Tennessee

I think the Vols will be ok this year, but they just aren't up to speed with the top talent of the East.

3: Georgia

Many people are in love with the Georgia Bulldogs this year. Those same people probably have been tooting the Bulldog horns for the last five years while ignoring the fact that the team cannot coach their recruited talent up to where they need to be.

2: South Carolina

A lot of people are SUPER high on the Gamecocks this year, but I just don't see it. Alshon Jeffrey is filthy, and Marcus Lattimore is a beast, but I just don't think that the team is as good as their recruiting is. I like the Gamecocks, but I don't love them.

1: Florida 

Is Florida the best team in the SEC? No. In fact I'm not sure that they are one of the four best, but they should be able to fight their way through to the East Division's title game slot.


6. Ole Miss

Ole Miss will win some games this year, and they might even make a bowl game, but I just don't think that they are even close to ready to compete.

5. Mississippi State

The Bulldogs have made some major improvements over the last couple of seasons, but they like Ole Miss will struggle against a very strong SEC West core.

4. Auburn

The Tigers won the championship last year, but it is stupid to believe that the Cam Newton-less Tigers will compete this year.

3. Arkansas

Arkansas might be the most fun team to watch in the SEC, but they are essentially a Big 12 team that has a great offense and a below average defense. They will steal some games, but they will also have some games stolen.

2.  LSU

Are the LSU Tigers a top-5 team? Well sort of. They are one of the five best teams in college this year, but there is really only one or two teams that are at the top tier, and LSU isn't one of them. I love the defense, I will love the run game, and I will love the receivers. But quarterback play will stink, and the Mad Hatter's clock management flaws will likely cost the team a few wins.

1. Alabama

I like the Tide to take off running this season, and I just don't think that they will look back. They have possibly the best defense in college, and their offense can pound it down the throats of any team. Even if they lose a game they could still get to the championship game. 


What an original title game! I know this is so 2009, but I really do think that Alabama is ready to compete for the championship this year, and they will win the SEC Championship.