The undrafted free agents from the 2011 NFL Draft are currently being swooped up by teams around the country, and it really does feel like a 2nd draft going on. I will be on Twitter ( @michael_harman ) and on the site giving reaction to all of the undrafted free agent signings. Whether I think it is a good signing for a team, or a bad choice by a player, I have a reaction.

For the best UDFA list out there make sure to check out the most detailed list of signings from NEPD


Kris O'Dowd, OC, USC

The Cards have needed a solid center for years and have had hit or miss results throughout. O'Dowd isn't a can't miss prospect, but he found a team that might give him a chance.

Davieun Curry-Chapman, WR, Northern Arizona

DJ Young, OT, Michigan State

Andrew Rich, S, BYU

Sean Jeffcoat, WR, Elon

Noel Devine, RB, West Virginia

I'm ok with the move, but I really don't see this as a long term option for Devine. The team essentially found a way to push Quizz Rodgers, but I doubt Devine makes the final cuts.

Ryan Winterswyk, DE, Boise State

A few people in the draft community thought that Winterswyk could have been a 4th or 5th round draft pick, so for the Falcons to get him as an UDFA is great.

Phillip Sylvester, RB, Florida A&M

Matt Hansen, LB, URI

Tom McCarthy, LS, Yale

Adam Froman, QB, Louisville

LaMarcus Thompson, LB, Tennessee

Darrin Walls, CB, Notre Dame

Kirk Belgrave, CB, Kent State

Rob McGill, OL, LA Tech


Tim Barnes, OL, Missouri

A lot of people thought Barnes could have been put in and been one of the better interior linemen in the draft. I'd be willing to bet that he makes the final roster cut. 

Damien Berry, RB, Miami

You have to like this move for both sides. Berry isn't that great, but he will fill a need for a team with limited numbers.

Ryan Batholomew, OC, Syracuse

Big Bart was arguably the most athletic center in the draft, and he is one of many guys that could have easily been drafted. This is a perfect landing spot too with the Ravens needing center depth.

Justin Boren, OL, Ohio State

Chris Walker, DE, Tennessee 

Terron Sanders, DL, Florida

LaQuan Williams, WR, Maryland

Walter Sander, RB, St. Augustine

Byran Hall, DL, Arkansas State

Josh Bynes, LB, Auburn

Talmadge Jackson, CB, Oregon


Zach Pianalto, TE, UNC

I was never that high on Pianalto, but he really knew to pick a team that was god awful at the TE spot. Good signing for him, and an ok one for the Bills.. 

Sidney Glover, S, West Virginia

Dominic Cook, S, Buffalo

Brian Duncan, LB, Texas Tech

Reid Forest, P, Washington State

Luther Davis, DE, Alabama

Emmanuel Mooney, RB, Florida

Vai Taua, RB, Nevada

Daniel Aiken, LS, UVA


Kendric Burney, CB, UNC

Burney was someone that I thought would go in the 3rd round of the draft. He is a ball hawk with great instincts, but didn't measure well. I really love a lot of the guys the Panthers have added this offseason.

Darvin Adams, WR, Auburn

I love it when teams draft a quarterback and then look at that guy's teammates at this phase to find characters he can bond with.

Ugo Chinasa, DE, Oklahoma State

Another great pick up for the Panthers. Chinasa should have been drafted.

Ryan Pugh, C, Auburn

Byron Bell, OL, New Mexico State

Jamorris Warren, WR, Cent. Mich


Alex Linnenkohl

This is yet another center that I thought would have been drafted. He was the 3rd or 4th best in the draft to some.

Dane Sanzenbacher, WR, Ohio State

The Bears need about three new receivers to plug in before they have done Jay Cutler justice, but Sanzenbacher is a great add.

Dom DeCicco, S, Pitts
Corbin Bryant, DE, Northwestern

Ricky Henry, OL, Nebraska

Anthony Walters, S, Delaware

JC Brignone, OC, Miss. State

Mike Holmes, KR, Syracuse

Winston Venable, CB, Boise State

Jimmy Young, WR, TCU

Ryan Jones, CB, NW Mizzou St.


Brian Lainhart, S, Kent State

Chris Riley, OT, Illinois State


Chris Matthews, WR, Kentucky

Matthews is one of three sleeper receivers I had in the draft. He doesn't excel at anything, but has great height, ok speed, and can produce.

Alex Wujciak, LB, Maryland

I love this move for both sides. Wujciak silently averaged about 100 tackles a season, and has been a playmaker for the Maryland defense for awhile. 

Carl Gettis, CB, Missouri

Brian Smith, LB, Notre Dame

Sidney Tarver, LB, Tennessee State

Troy Weatherhead, QB, Hillsdale

Kyle Anderson, DL, Georgetown

Donald Buckrum, RB, UTEP


Kevin Kowalski, OC, Toledo

You may be seeing by now that too many centers and safeties are being picked up, but that is because there just are a ton of good UDFA players this year, especially at the weaker positions.

Lyle Leong, WR, Oklahoma State

Leong was a touchdown machine in 2010, but just didn't have the speed or instincts to be drafted. In the UDFA phase though it is hard not to love him.

Dan Bailey, K, Oklahoma State

Mario Butler, CB, Georgia Tech

Chris Randle, CB, Utah State

Jose Acuna, OT, Nevada

Justin Taplin-Ross, S, Utah

Laupepa Letuli, OT, Hawaii

Zack Escridge, QB, Midwestern State

Michael Ricks, S, Stillman


Mark Dell, WR, Michigan State

There was a time when Dell was seen as a 2nd or 3rd round pick, but he just never showed up. Not a bad UDFA though for both parties.

Mario Fannin. RB, Auburn 

Fannin isn't that great of a runner, but he could see some time on Sundays on a team with so many banged up, average rushers.

Brandon Bing, CB, Rutgers

Marshall Williams, WR, Wake Forest

Patrick Hill, FB, Miami

James Rogers, CB, Michigan

Colby Whitlock, DE, Texas Tech

Nick Bellore, LB, Cental Mich.

Deron Mayo, DE, Old Dominion

Curt Porter, OT, Jacksonville State

Adam Weber, QB, Minnesota


Ryan Donahue, P, Iowa

Donahue was the top punter in the draft to about 1/3rd of analysts, so to grab him in free agency is gold.
Preston Dial, TE, Alabama

Quentin Davie, LB, Northwestern

DeJuan Fulghum, OLB, Texas Southern

Marcus Harris, WR, Murray State

Jared Jenkins, WR, UWSP

Ricardo Silva, S, Hampton

Cobrani Mixon, LB, Kent State

Keith Smith, WR, Purdue


Tori Gurley, WR, South Carolina

The Packers didn't need many more receivers, but Gurley should actually be able to compete for a spot on the team. 

Shaky Smithson, WR/KR, Utah

Sampson Genus, OC, USF

Tony Bratton, S, Delaware

Jamari Lattimore, LB, Mid. Tenn. State

Vic So'Oto, DE, BYU

Brandon Saine, RB, OSU

Kerry Taylor, WR, ASU


Jeff Maehl, WR, Oregon

I love this move. The team needs to add as much help as they can at receiver, and they just got the go to guy from the Oregon offense.
Lester Jean, WR, FAU

Jean was one of my sleepers in the draft, and I absolutely think that he could work his way up into a starting role for the team if given the right chance.

Terrance Tolliver, WR, LSU

If the Texans had drafted these three receivers in the late rounds then I would have applauded the attempt to get some depth on the team. The team getting them as free agents is even better, and I wouldn't be shocked to see all of them play some this season.
Bubba Bartlett, FB/TE, Carroll State

Zac Pauga, FB, Colorado State

Pete Hendrickson, OT, Tulane

Bryan Braman, LB, West Texas A&M

Adrian Taylor, DL, Oklahoma


Joe Lefeged, S, Rutgers

Lefeged was arguable the best player in the UDFA class this year, and he found his way onto the team that might need a safety the most in the league. Great signing.

Jake Kirkpatrick, C, TCU

Kirkpatrick won the award for best center in 2010, and that wasn't enough to get him drafted. He should be able to compete for the backup role, but he might have to move to guard to stay on the team. 

Darren Evans, RB, Virginia Tech

It will be funny when Darren Evans ends up having a better career than Ryan Williams. 
Mike McNeil, TE, Nebraska

Chris Colasanti, LB, Penn State

Adrian Moten, LB, Maryland

Chad Spann, RB, Northern Ill.

David Gilreath, WR, Wisconsin

Scott Lutrus, OLB, UConn

Lutrus should have been drafted in the 4th or 5th round, and the Jags absolutely stole him here.

Armon Binns, WR, Cincinnati

The Jags grabbed one of the top free agents here, and they end up with a guy that could see some good playing time.
Brandon Harper, OL, Duke

Marc Schiechl, DE, CSoM

Matt Estrada, S, Northern Arizona

Greg Ellingson, WR, FIU

DuJuan Harris, RB, Troy

Scott Riddle, QB, Elon 

Kyle Miller, TE, Mount Union

TJ Heath, CB, Jacksonville State

Kevin Rutland, CB, Missouri

Michael Lockley, LB, FAU
Eric Gordon, LB, Michigan State

JoJo Dickson, LB, Idaho

Tommy Gallarda, TE, Boise State

Jamar Newsome, WR, UCF

Richard Murphy, RB, LSU 


David Mims, OT, Virginia Union

There were some in the draft community that absolutely love Mims to the point that they thought he could have been a 3rd round pick. I'm not quite that high, but he should be able to get some playing time.

Brandon Bair, DE, Oregon State

Bair isn't the perfect size for the NFL, but he should be an ok 3-4 DE pickup.
Desmond Washington, CB, Auburn

Chris Harr, OL, UT Chat

Lucas Patterson, DE, Texas A&M

Josque Paul, WR, Central UConn


Pat Devlin, QB, Delaware

Devlin was my 7th rated quarterback in the draft, and I think he could actually be a starting QB in the league given a good coaching staff.

 Nic Grigsby, RB, Arizona

I didn't see Grigsby as a draft pick during the draft season, but he was able to find a spot on a team that could use about 34 rushers.

Jon Freeny, DE, Rutgers

Garrett Chisolm, OL, USC

Brett Brackett, TE, Penn State

Vince Agnew, CB, Central Mich

Jeff Van Camp, QB, FAU

DJ Jones, OL, Nebraska


Derrick Locke, RB, Kentucky

Locke would have been a first round pick if he were the right size. Good pickup.

Devon Torrence, CB, Ohio State

Andre Holmes, WR, Hillsdale

Conan Amituanai, OL, Arizona

Byron Isom, OL, Auburn

Dominique Johnson, WR, Cal Poly

Allen Reisner, TE, Iowa

Matt Asiata, RB, Utah

Larry Dean, LB, Valdosta State


Jeff Tarpinian, LB, Iowa

I really like this pickup. Tarp was a pretty good linebacker for the Hawks when he wasn't hurt. If he can shake the injury bug he actually could work his way up for some playing time.

Kyle Hix, OT, Texas

Hix is an intriguing prospect that might get some actual playing time on the right side sooner than later.

Corey Woods, OL, Akron

Jeremy Ross, KR, Cal

Alex Silvestro, DE, Rutgers

Mike Berry, OL, Auburn

Will Yeatman, TE, Maryland

Ryan Coulson, DE, Nevada


DeAndre McDaniel, S, Clemson

I still am slightly shocked that McDaniel didn't get drafted. He is a good athlete that needed some help with his instincts and awareness.
Dexter Larimore, DL, Ohio State

Isa Abdul-Quddus, S, Fordham

John Chiles, WR, Texas

Jeremiha Hunter, LB, Iowa

Jarred Fayson, WR, Illinois

Ryan Colburn, QB, Fresno State

Joe Morgan, WR, Washington


Jarriel King, OT/G, South Carolina

King is another one of those guys that should have been drafted. He was never going to be a top notch pick, but he has the potential to find a spot on a team and become a steal down the road.

Henry Hynoski, FB, Pittsburgh

And the third good grab for the Giants just happens to be a great fullback.

Mark Herzlich, MLB, Boston College

Herzlich is a good story, but he wasn't drafted, and we just didn't hear that much about him being 1/10 what he was. If he ever gets close to his past potential then it will be a steal.

Martin Parker, DL, Richmond

Spencer Paysinger, LB, Oregon

David Sims, S, Iowa State


Josh Baker, TE, NW Missouri State

Colin Franklin, TE, Iowa State

Chris Stewart, OL, Notre Dame

Julian Posey, CB, Ohio


Sterling Moore, CB, SMU


Jerrod Johnson, QB, Texas A&M

Johnson was the first overall pick in the UFL draft, and he really should have been drafted on potential. He is raw, but at times was elite for TAMU.

Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, WR, Iowa

DJK was a 3rd round pick before his drug charges came out, and if he really commits himself then the Eagles are getting a major steal.

DeAndre Brown, WR, Southern Miss

Brown was also once an early draft pick before a number of things dropped his stock. His potential is outrageous though.
Cedric Thornton, DT, Southern Arkansas

The Eagles love adding big linemen, and Andy Reid got him a pretty darn good one with Thornton.

Chas Henry, P, Florida

I love it. Henry was arguably the best pure punter in the draft, and the team already drafted the best kicker prospect in years.

Craig Cooper, RB, Miami

Terrance Turner, WR, Indiana

Martell Webb, TE, Michigan

Perry Baker, WR, Fairmont State

Brandon Pegues, DE, Hampton


Weslye Saunders, TE, South Carolina

Saunders was once a 1st round pick, but his character got him undrafted when it was all said and done. A low risk, high reward pickup for the Steelers is a pretty good move in my opinion.

John Clay, RB, Wisconsin

Clay is going to fit in well with the Pittsburgh crowd. He is a grind it out power back with some ok potential.

Anthony Gray, DL, Southern Miss

Colin Milller, OC, Central Miss

Terrence McCrae, WR, Ohio State

Miguel Chavis, DL, Clemson

Trevis Turner, OL, Abiline

Brett Greenwood, S, Iowa

Armand Robinson, WR, Miami-OH

Mario Harvey, LB, Marshall


Colin Baxter, OC, Center

Bront Bird, LB, Texas Tech

Cameron Kenney, WR, Oklahoma 

Cody Habben, OL, Washington

Scott Tolzein, QB, Wisconsin

Vidal Hazelton, WR, Cincinnati


Ian Williams, NT, Notre Dame

Williams was arguably the best nose tackle that wasn't drafted, and I actually thought that he would have been a day three pick in the draft. Great pickup for both parties.

Derek Hall, OT, Stanford

Sure this is a little bit of a college connection for the coach, but Hall really should have been drafted.

Jeremiah Masoli, QB, Oregon & Mississippi State

Masoli was never bound to be a high draft pick, but he is a dynamic player with a ton of potential.

Donovan Edwards, OL, Cal

Chase Beeler, OC, Stanford

DeMarcus Dobbs, DE, Georgia

Dontavia Bogan, WR, USF

Joe Hastings, WR, Washburn

Tyler Beiler, WR, Bridgewater

Sealver Siliga, DT, Utah

Konrad Reuland, TE, Stanford

Monte Simmons, LB, Kent State

Kenny Rowe, LB, Oregon

Chris Hogan, WR, Monmouth

Kenny Wiggins, OL, Fresno State 


Ricardo Lockette, WR, Fort Valley State

I didn't get the chance to see much of Lockette's tape, but many experts were in love with him pre-draft. 

Jeron Johnson, S, Boise State

Jeron Johnson was one of about five safeties that should have been drafted.

Brett Osborne, OT, Harvard

Ricky Thenarse, S, Nebraska

Ladi Ajiboye, DT, South Carolina

Michael Morgan, LB, USC

Doug Baldwin, WR, Stanford

Pierre Allen, DE, Nebraska

Jesse Hoffman, S, Eastern Wash

Josh Portis, QB, California-PA

Ryan Travis, TE, West Liberty

Zach Hurd, OG, UConn


Taylor Potts, QB, Texas Tech

I really love what the Rams are doing. They had a great draft, and they found a capable backup QB for the future to add to the team.

James Dockery, CB, Oregon State

Arthur Thomas, DT, Arkansas Pine Bluff

Dionte Thomas, CB, Fort Valley State

Bryant Browning, OG, Ohio State

Randall Hunt, OL, Illinois

Schuylar Oordt, TE, Northern Iowa

Travon Bellamy, CB, Illinois


Mike Coughlin, QB, Boise State

Mike Coughlin is Boise's backup and went 4 for 9 for 36 yards last year. There is a reason why I think that Kellen Moore could end up a top-3 pick in the 2012 draft.

Nick Reveiz, LB, Tennessee

Derrell Smith, LB, Syracuse

Raymond Webber, WR, Arkansas Pine Bluff

Detron Lewis, WR, Texas Tech

Mossis Madu, RB, Oklahoma


James Kirkendoll, WR, Texas

Joe Hills, WR, Tennessee State

Bart Eddins, OL, Auburn

Jon Cornell, LB, Miss

LeQuan Lewis, DB, Arizona State

OJ Murdock, WR, Fort Hays State



Ben Chappell, QB, Indiana

The Skins finally get a QB this offseason.

Shaun Draughn, RB, UNC