After looking at each of the six main conferences I have come together with six conference champions and a whole lot of surprises. Do I truly believe that these will be the top six teams in football? No, but I do believe that these predictions are a heck of a lot more accurate than just picking the highest ranked teams.

Below you will find my six conference champions (and links to see how they got there), as well as my at-large teams, my BCS Bowl predictions, and my Heisman prediction.



Pac 12: OREGON





Boise State - Part of this hinges on whether the Broncos can get past Georgia, but if they lose that game they might sneak the at-large bid too.

Oklahoma - I expect Oklahoma to take a loss or two including their last game of the year to OK State, but I do expect them to sneak into the BCS picture.

LSU - I want to like LSU this year, but I just don't. I do believe however that they could pull the upset over Oregon to start the season, and their defense could pull them to the BCS.

Notre Dame - Does Notre Dame deserve a BCS bid? Hell no, but they have a team that can win ten games, and if they do that then their media/financial favoritism will propel them past many other teams.  



In some ways this game has elements of the 2009 Rose Bowl that pitted Oregon and Ohio State, while combining elements of the 2010 Rose Bowl between TCU and Wisconsin. 

Oregon's offense is at times unstoppable, and their ability to score quickly will keep them in any game. In fact, the National Championship game last year was dominated and controlled by Auburn despite the fact that Oregon was in it throughout.

Wisconsin isn't as fast as Oregon is, but good coaching, strong power rushing, and a solid defense has been a proven weakness to the Ducks in the past. Wisconsin will do what they do best, and that just might be what it takes to beat the Ducks.

When it is all said and done though, I expect the Ducks to pull out a fairly easy win in this game. Wisconsin just doesn't have enough firepower for Oregon, and I would expect the Ducks to go into kill mode should they get the lead.

Winner: Oregon


It seems like each and every year Virginia Tech and Oklahoma are invited to BCS Bowls, and while the two teams have been in a combined 14 BCS games they have also combined for only 4 total wins. 

Beamer Ball has worked for such a long time that it is hard to doubt on them when the season comes around. Great defense is the beginning and that all starts with a lot of turnovers. Combine that with a very dynamic offense and sound special teams and you will always have a chance to win.

On the other hand, you have to look at Oklahoma as the favorite to this game. They have a strong defense that can keep up with just about any offense, and their offense can pick apart anyone. While there isn't a single elite part of the team the team is elite.

Oklahoma has a tendency to have a let down in their bowl games, but I just don't think that would happen in this match up. The teams are plenty good, and the game is one that the Sooners will want to win.

Winner: Oklahoma


This might be the most un-exciting match up of the group, but the potential of this game could be outstanding. Oklahoma State might have the nastiest offense in football, while Notre Dame might have the best fan base.

Notre Dame would have to win out to deserve to be in a BCS game, but if they can pull ten wins out of a hat then their money should be able to sneak them into a big game. Notre Dame's offense was cleaner last year, and if the run game can finally get going then the passing game would be that much better. While the team isn't feared on defense they do have players to fear like Manti Te'O.

Oklahoma State's offense is what would have gotten them into a BCS game, and it all starts with Justin Blackmon. If Blackmon can get points on Notre Dame's defense (and we all know he would), then it would mean disaster for the Irish.

I really don't see this as a tough game to pick on paper because Oklahoma State is the much better team, but that doesn't always mean victory. I will pick the Cowboys here, but I would never doubt Brian Kelly's coaching abilities.

Winner: Oklahoma State


The final regular BCS game pits together an unlikely combination of competitors. You have the best defense in the country taking on a team coached by former Florida coordinator Charlie Strong. While I hope the best for the Cardinals I really don't see any way that Louisville competes in this game.

Winner: LSU


Alabama against Boise State? Everyone seems to doubt that the Broncos will ever get into the BCS game no matter what, but this is the season for them to do it. At the same time Alabama will have to take on a million different challenges with an SEC schedule, but they might just be able to do it.

Boise starts the season off ranked 5th overall, and if they can get through a tough first game against Georgia then they should be able to get through the rest of the season ok. We already know that the 4th and 5th ranked teams will face off week one, and a few weeks later the 1st and 6th ranked teams face off. I do truly believe that Oklahoma, Alabama, LSU, and Oregon (as well as 6th ranked FSU) will all take a loss in the season, and if they all do then Boise State cannot be denied. 

Kellen Moore is shaping up a career that could make him the most decorated quarterback in college football history, and he will compete for the Heisman. Moore has some very good weapons around him to compete too, and his defense is capable of controlling and keeping up with the best of them. Some will say that Boise isn't tested, but they have wins over Oklahoma, TCU, Oregon (twice), Oregon State and Virginia Tech over the last five seasons. They can compete with anyone.

Alabama on the other hand has done nothing but face the best of the best game after game the last few years. They won the championship two years ago, and you had better expect that they will want to do it again this year. Trent Richardson will be the offensive leader, and he seems ready to take the reigns. While the defense might not have one single leader it is nice to know that they have so many different weapons to play with. Alabama will be a 10+ point favorite in this game, but they just won't be able to win that easily.

Overall I expect Alabama and Boise State to trade scores for the first half, but like the 2010 BCS National Championship I believe that the SEC depth will pull out the victory at the end.

Winner: Alabama


5th Place: Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford

Andrew Luck will have a good season, and he probably will be the first overall pick in the 2012 draft, but I just don't think Stanford will be good enough for him to win the award.

4th Place: LaMichael James, RB, Oregon 

LaMichael James is a man among boys, but he just has too many questions to be a Heisman winner. Even if he is able to duplicate what he did in 2010 (which I don't think he can), he will have to do even more than that to impress. He is a little guy that wore down in games and at the end of the season, and I believe he will falter in the rankings.

3rd Place: Landy Jones, QB, Oklahoma

I expect Landry Jones to have a very good year, but I don't think he will come that close to winning it. 

2nd Place: Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama

I expect Richardson to have a very good year, and if the Crimson Tide is able to get to the title game then it will be because of him.

1st Place: Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State

In the modern age of the Heisman the winner is almost always a quarterback that makes it to the title game. In fact only twice has the award been won by a non-QB since 2000. The first was to Reggie Bush who was picked likely because many voters didn't want to give Matt Leinart his 2nd Heisman. The 2nd was to Mark Ingram in a year where no QB had deserved it. 

The fact of the matter is that if Kellen Moore can lead the Boise State Broncos to the title game, that he will be the vast favorite to win the award. He has deserved to win one already, and a title birth would be enough to give him the award.