The Big 12 (10). I don't ever know what to think of this conference, and nothing has changed. In all reality the conference essentially decided to do nothing when teams were jumping off the sinking ship, and they really should have. Think about how much fun this conference would look if they had grabbed TCU and Arkansas (Arkansas is essentially a Big 12 offense anyways, and the SEC would then be able to steal FSU). 

But now Texas A&M wants to join a conference that doesn't want them, and this conference needs a strong year to stay alive. Luckily the conference has the top ranked team going into the season, and three teams in the top-10. But if Oklahoma doesn't sweep college football and make it to the championship, then it could be a tough season.

10: Kansas

Rock Chalk Jayha.... Well at least the basketball team should be good. Turner Gill did some good things with Buffalo a few years ago, but I just don't know if he will be able to turn it around this year.

9: Kansas State

Kansas State could be a 2-10 team or a 7-5 team depending on how they come out and play. I think the team will be closer to the basement of the league than they would be bowl eligible though.

8: Missouri

I'm not buying into Missouri at all. The team lost some valuable weapons, and they more importantly won't be able to have the easy (3 real tough games last year) schedule that they had in 2010. They might pull an upset, but I just don't see a good year in their future.

Iowa State

I am really pushing for the Cyclones to do some good things, but it just doesn't get easy for them. Taking away the tough schedule the Cys will have to replace essentially every playmaker on offense. Paul Rhoads is the perfect coach for the team, but he will need time to prove it.

6: Baylor

Robert Griffin III. If Baylor goes 5-7 or 10-2 it will all hinge on the success of Robert Griffin.

5: Texas Tech

The Red Raiders are a sleeper for a lot of people this year in the conference, and it does make some sense. The team did great things last year in the first year of Tommy Tuberville's reign. But the defense is goofy and not ready yet. The offense has some weapons, but they just need to get better. I think a pretty good year is in site, but I can't see them as a contender yet.

4: Texas A&M

I think it is beyond laughable that some think Ryan Tannehill is an elite quarterback in college. Tannehill is putting up the same exact numbers that Jerrod Johnson was putting up before he had a few bad outings and got benched.  The team has a ton of playmakers and can compete with just about any team outside of the SEC, but there is too much of a good thing for a team that doesn't have a conference right now.

3: Texas

Texas Longhorns. The team had one terrible season and people assume it is a trend. The Longhorns will be just fine, and when they settle out the kinks they will go right back to the top-5 team that they were the last ten years.

2: Oklahoma

Is Oklahoma a great team? Sure. In fact I will honestly say that they are the best team in the Big 12. But I think the schedule favors another team.
1: Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State is a dynamic team with a lot of firepower on both sides of the ball, and it all starts out with the 18 touchdowns that Justin Blackmon will score a game. 

I expect Oklahoma State to lose to Texas A&M early in the season, but I think that they will upset Oklahoma in the last game of the season against Oklahoma after they get two weeks to prepare for the showdown at home to decide the championship. I see A&M losing two conference games so an Oklahoma State win over Oklahoma would give them the conference championship.