Oh the ACC. If you break down the power six conferences the ACC is one that always seems to get a pass, but it is rare for an ACC team to show up to the national table. It seems like there are one or two teams that can compete in the top-15 each year, but there isn't a single team in the ACC that should sniff the top-5 based on talent. Florida State and Virginia Tech are the favorites for the conference championship game, but I'm here to tell you that one of the two teams will miss out.

12th Place: Duke (6th in Coastal)

I always try to give some hope for the Blue Devils when I do season previews, but I just don't like them in 2011. They have some things coming together, but they just don't have enough to compete each week. I think they could do some great things with another year of rebuilding, but we will see.

11th Place: Virginia (5th in Coastal)

A lot of people are picking the Cavaliers to makes strides this year, but I personally just don't see it. Coach Mike London is a good coach, and things will eventually turn around very well for the Cavs, but I think they need one more year of improving. 

10th Place: Wake Forest (6th in Atlantic) 

Wake Forest had a tough 2010 season, and while they should be better they should also struggle yet again this year.

9th Place: Clemson (5th in Atlantic)

Clemson will always have great underachieving athletes on their team, and unfortunately I don't think that will be enough to salvage what could be a bad 2011 season. 

8th Place: Georgia Tech (4th in Coastal)

Georgia Tech is yet another team that will be able to steal some games because of talent, but they aren't a great team. The offense lost some weapons, but the defensive will have some returning to give the team some balance.

7th Place: Boston College (4th in Atlantic)

Some are very high on Boston College, but Luke Kuechly is only one man (although one hell of one). The team has some tools, but they aren't a team that is ready to compete for a conference title yet.

6th Place: NC State (3rd in Atlantic)

This might be a little low for NC State, but I'm not buying into the Mike Glennon hype. The defense should be pretty good, but I don't expect the offense to do as much as some think.

5th Place: Miami (3rd in Coastal)

Miami could be in trouble. The team is going through some major NCAA problems, but even if they weren't they were going to struggle to face OSU at home, and then FSU, USF, UNC, V Tech, and Maryland on the road. 

4th Place: North Carolina (2nd in Coastal)

UNC has a lot of problems, and they maybe deserve to have more with the repetition of issues, but the talent on both sides of the field should get them quite a few wins.

3rd Place: Florida State (2nd in Atlantic)

Ok, so here is my classic risk, but I just don't believe in the Seminoles this year. The team's potential is without a doubt there, but the team also could take a step back in many ways. The defensive line should be filthy with Brandon Jenkins on it, and the secondary should be solid, but I just don't think the offense is consistent enough to be a top-5 team. 

The team faces Oklahoma early on, and then follows it up with three road games.

2nd Place: Maryland (1st in Atlantic)

No that isn't a joke. Well maybe it is. I really don't know what to think about this Maryland squad, but I really think they could shine. They have a schedule that is pretty favorable (no Virginia Tech or North Carolina), and the one game they 'should' lose is at Florida State. But if QB Danny O'Brien can improve on his amazing 2010 season, then look for a pretty good season for the Terps.

1st Place: Virginia Tech (1st in Coastal)

Beamer Ball.

Oh, you want more of an explanation? How about the fact that RB David Wilson is just as scary as Ryan Williams. How about the fact that 6'6 quarterback Logan Thomas will add a different style to the Hokie Pokie. How about the fact that Bud Foster will have yet another strong defense, and that the schedule is laughably easy for the Hokies. Sure the team lost some big names, but they have been losing big names year after year while the Hokies have continued to own the ACC.

 ACC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Virginia Tech beats Maryland

I really wanted to pull the upset for the Terps, but I just don't think Maryland will be able keep up with a Virginia Tech team that owns the ACC.