We still have a month and a half until the 2012 NFL draft, and there are already 2-million different rumors out there regarding the draft. In the spirit of the draft, I have seven of my own rumors or thoughts that very well could pay off come draft day. 

1) A Team Trades For Robert Griffin

Ok, so this should be no shock since it has been news for awhile, but I think that it will work differently than expected. As I mentioned in my most recent mock update I'm not sold that the Rams are able to pull the trade if enough teams think that they can pay less to go through the Vikings. The media has this theory that 20 teams are throwing all of their draft picks at the Rams for RG3, and while I believe a lot of teams want him, I think it is more like three teams. If RG3 falls to 4th overall, I wouldn't even be shocked to see a team like the Cowboys fall in love with RG3, and trade the Browns a guy like Tony Romo (and other compensation) to get him. There just are so many options

2) Trent Richardson Becomes A Dolphin

Ok, so if the team trades up for RG3 then this won't be true, but if they don't then Richardson could very well be a Dolphin. Luck, RG3, Justin Blackmon and Matt Kalil are safe bets to be the top-4 picks, and he may not go 5th to the Bucs. The next likely spot for him to fall would be 8th to the Dolphins. Out of some crazy scenario it is scary to imagine Reggie Bush, Trent Richardson and Daniel Thomas rushing down the throats of their division, especially if the Dolphins can find a quarterback like Peyton Manning.

3) Two Trades Happen In The Top-5

Sure everyone knows about the possible RG3 trade, but don't be shocked if there is another trade into the top-5 this year. If the Rams trade the 2nd pick and have the 4th, 6th or 8th pick then they might opt to trade back up to the 3rd pick with the Vikings to get Matt Kalil. Maybe the Vikings trade back a bit to get some value because they like Jonathon Martin or Riley Reiff just as well. Maybe the Browns want to trade back to get value (they are known for that recently) and unload the pick to a team that needs Justin Blackmon. Maybe a team like the Cowboys have to have Trent Richardson or Morris Claiborne. 

There are a lot of different scenarios in the draft, and with the cost for rookies dropping with the new CBA, it is much easier to trade into the top-10 now. The risk and cost for these rookies is a lot less than it used to be, and it may show in the draft.

4) Dontari Poe Could Be A Top-10 Pick

Ok, this might not be a shock to some as Mel Kiper's newest mock draft (about an hour ago) has this happening, but it really is a legit option. Poe had a great combine, and his athleticism at 330 pounds makes him a stud NT for just about any scheme.

5) Kendall Wright Will Be A Top-15 Pick

I have been mocking this for awhile now, but I think Wright will go much earlier than expected. Sure he ran poorly at the combine, but when he runs a 4.45 on his pro day this will make more sense. Wright is a Percy Harvin/ DeSean Jackson kind of threat that can score on any touch, and his potential is ridiculous.

6) David DeCastro Will Be A Top-15 Pick

Interior linemen are becoming much bigger assets to teams these days. Maybe it is because interior defensive linemen are more athletic pass rushers (see Dontari Poe). There have been three interior lineman drafted in the top-18 in the last two drafts, and DeCastro is arguably a safer bet than all of them. Teams will want a guy like him who will seal the pass rushing holes while creating lanes for rushers.

7) Jonathon Martin Could Fall In The Draft

There is nothing against Jonathon Martin that teams will dislike much, but he might make a small fall in the first round from where he was mocked a few months ago. The draft will start out with so much offensive firepower that teams in the 8-20 range will have to take the backstock of defensive power that is left over. While draft boards are laid out very specifically, there will be enough teams wanting the best defensive linemen over the third (or forth) best offensive lineman.